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A Waterloo January, Beta Edition [Tickets]

28 Dec

Dear Waterloo & London Music Fans,

For all of you who were unable to purchase tickets to the Bloody Beetroots show @ the Music Hall in London, I have found your redemption. Recently, Beta Nightclub in Waterloo has established itself as one of the premier DJ venues on the region, hosting the likes of Steve Angello, Glenn Morrison & Zeds Dead to name a few. This January the club will be taking their reputation to the next level, starting with a performance by the Beetroots on the 5th. I know its an hour away, but there are still tickets available and its the Beetroots…..so stop being lazy and fucking giv’er down the 401.

If that wasn’t enough, Beta has given 3 more reasons for us to rejoice by adding a slew of ridiculous shows following the Beetroots. On January 8th Steve Aoki will be gracing Waterloo with his majestical presence, followed by Avicii on the 13th & Sander Van Doorn on February 3rd. Tickets can be purchased separately for each event or in packages to save money fot hose who know they will be attending at least 2 of the 3.

4 retarded DJs, 1 month span, 1 nightclub, infinite rage.

Bloody Beetroots Tickets

Steve Aoki Tickets

Avicii Tickets

Sander Van Doorn Tickets

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Epic-est Moment Of The Year [Video]

25 Dec

Dear Music Lovers,

Incase you missed it or have somehow forgotten by now, 2010 has marked one of the most highly anticipated years in modern music history. For the helmet headed lords of french electro have finally poked their heads out of the studio and regained their presence within the electronic music community. Although the Tron Legacy Album was not what most were expecting, we must remember that it was written as a score to a film first and as an album second. Nonetheless I thought it sounded stupendous and after hearing that they will be touring and releasing new tracks not featured on the Tron soundtrack, I pretty much sharted. Then before I could clean up, I saw this video and added a second helping to my boxers. I think if I would have been at madison square garden that night I would have spontaneously combusted. If you were a phoenix fan who attended this concert and had no idea who daft punk was, I hope you rot in hell.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

El Guincho – Bombay [Video+Audio]

19 Dec

This pretty much wins are the most innovative and confusing music video of the year. After watching this a first time, I had to immiditately hit repeat as there is WAYYY too much going on to decipher it properly after one view. Not to mention the constant use of sparklers and titties that distract you heavily from the incredible song that is the basis of the video. My advice is as such, watch the video without thinking and let it all sink in, then watch it a bunch more times and each time focus on the music and images separately. Also, as usual, a quick bowl rip wouldn’t hurt.

P.S. what the fuck is that golden tape launching crossbow device…..whatever it is i want it!

El Guincho – Bombay

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

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