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Trippy Vibe Tuesdays: Episode 1

11 Jan

Dear Explorers of the Musical Universe,

The philosopher Alan Watts said, “We have untold stacks of recorded music from every age and culture, and the most superb means of playing it. But who actually listens? Maybe a few pot smokers.” Well lucky for you all, I happen to be one of those pot smokers, here to share with you some of my favourite music that I happened to stumble upon over the years. I don’t care when the music was released, how popular it was or what genre it might be, so before venturing into obscurity I’d like to start off with an artist you might be familiar with, David Bowie. In 1997 he released what is quite possibly my favourite electronic album, Earthling, combining elements of industrial, break beats and drum’n’bass. This album will leave your mind blown, and maybe a load or two as well. Choosing just one song off this album was just too difficult a choice and I couldn’t limit myself to just one. The song ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ was written by bowie in collaboration with legendary composer Brian Eno and the album features a remix of the song from Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor. It’s no wonder he was asked to judge the walk off between Hansel and Zoolander.

Okay, just one more before we move on, this album is just too good!

Alright, that’ll probably be the only artist of of this post that anyone has heard of. I’d like to move on now to talk about the incredible Swiss drummer, Jojo Mayer, a man who, when I saw him at a drum clinic spent a good five minutes trying to convince everybody that he wasn’t a robot. The thing that attracts me to the music of his band Nerve, is that they try to take principles from jazz and apply it to drum’n’bass. It’s not necessarily jazzy music but the idea that two most crucial elements of jazz, improvisation and rhythmic momentum, drive the music into your brain like a high speed car accident. But seriously he’s not a robot.

Jojo Mayer & Nerve – Retox

Jojo Mayer & Nerve – Jabon

While I’m on the topic of Jojo mayer, I though I’d give you a little bit of a music lesson today by showing you this video that breaks down the break beat.

Now back to the music. This next band, Big Gigantic, is a duo that features Jeremy Salken on drums and Dominic Lalli doing the DJing. They’re approach to drum’n’bass and dubstep is unique because not only do they have a ridiculous drummer, but the DJ also plays saxophone. They have been tearing it up in the jam scene opening up for STS9 and playing at the Nateva festival. This cover of Subfocus’s ‘Rock It On’ is sure to make you want rage out.

If you liked that, you can check out the full show at iclips.net. I think I’m just gonna continue with talking about drummers who play d’n’b. Like Johnny Rabb, who used to hold the title of world’s fastest drummer by playing 1071 single strokes in a minute. He performs with his band BioDiesel and they will make you cum a lot faster than they can play (they can play really fast).

The final band that I’m going to share with you guys today, is called Gruvasylum and they come from my home town of Toronto. Led by acclaimed trumpet player Brownman Ali, who is called “Canada’s preeminent trumpet player” by the Village Voice, who has been featured on over 100 albums, was recently in New York laying down tracks for Quincy Jones, and was taught by the great Randy Brecker. My friends and I have gone to see him so many times that he knows us now, and I really can’t say enough good things about him. I’ll talk more about him in the future but for now, check out his band Gruvasylum, a band he considers to be hip hop with a jazz ideology. Something to keep in mind while your listening to this song, it’s 100% improvised, everything from the fantastic freestyling of MC Enlight to the booming bass lines. These guys are some seriously next level musicians. Enjoy and make sure to check out more of his music at www.brownman.com!

Brownman & GRUVASYLUM – Gruvasylum Theme

I was talking to Brownman after one of his shows and he told me that he was playing at a festival with his Electryc Trio where Johnny Rabb was also playing. Rabb was absolutely mind-fucked by Brownman’s playing that he actually invited him to come and jam with Biodiesel during their set. So make sure Brownman isn’t a name that you forget, I’ll probably be talking about him in future posts, as he leads six bands.

Well that’s it for my first post, but no worries there will back next week with some more music that you might have missed.

Signed Sincerely, Hooch

P.S. This friday at Tiger Bar, yours truly will be rocking out a few tunes with Daniel Mager and Friends, but be sure to stick around the headlining band, Ninja Funk Orchestra, with their brand of music that mixed drum ‘n’ bass, ska and jazz.

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