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Indubitably Dubstep Vol. II

22 Nov

DUBSTEPPERS REJOICE!!!! I have returned to you all with yet another installation of my favourite Dubstep songs that have been on constant repeat in my headphones for the last little while. Some of these have been circulating the web for a while now, but they will still give you the auditory equivalent of a brainfreeze, and may even rip a hole through your body and into another dimension. That’s my warning to all of you; I’ve done my part, now go get your mind blown (figuratively speaking, of course).


My oh my has the Fresh Prince created some real class acts hasn’t he? One kid is following in his father’s footsteps, making shitty ass movie remakes of classics, and the other is teaching young kids everywhere that it is cool to get whiplash. I’m definitely not a fan of the original, seeing how nails on a chalkboard never really got me off, but this version takes all the pre-pubescent poop stains out of it and turns it into something that I really wouldn’t mind whipping my hair back and forth to (considering I’m taking advice from a 10 year old).


It’s shocking that this song has managed to somehow stay fresh for so long. ‘We Speak’ has been remixed more times than Lindsay Lohan has had coke snorted out of her asshole, but the top prize would have to go to High Rankin’s wobble-tastic version. This remix is packed with what can only be described as the filthiest of the filth basslines and synth while always sustaining that original sound throughout. A must listen for any fans of the original (ummm so…pretty much everyone).


Two absolutely MONSTROUS remixes right here. The first one takes the Mau5 banger ‘FML’ and turns it into what can be the closest sounding thing to a killer robots maniacal heartbeat. The second is another excellent remix of one of 2010’s biggest hits. I remember as soon as I heard ‘Animal Rights’ I knew someone out there would have the right size cohones to create a dubstep version of an already amazing song. Dylan Sanders really makes this song dig another layer deeper into your soul, making it even harder to get out of your head. Grab both of them immediately, before you self-destruct.


Bar9 really has made a name for himself this year. Securing a spot on the top of Beatport really helped launch his career right through the stratosphere and all those other fucking spheres we got floating up there. This one has been around for a little while now, but I think it is one of the most EPIC sounding dubstep tracks out there. The vocals mixed with the heavy beatdrops will turn any atheist into a true dubstep fanatic (yes, dubstep IS a religion). Download and keep the faith, my friends.


This track has got a more laidback, chill vibe to it. Not to say that you wouldn’t be able to rock out with your cock out (anytime is the right time for that) but this one is more of a driving-in-my-low-rider-speaker-blaring-tit-exploding kind of tune.


This is what they mean when ‘you save the best for last’. One of the hardest working DJ’s in the entire world, Bassnectar is always delighting his fans with new and innovative stuff. I can honestly say that I will never ever EVER get sick of listening to this man’s music. He has yet to disappoint fans who come out and support his live sets and this is quite the feat, considering he has literally not stopped touring a single day the entire year. Seriously, go check out his recent tour dates. I am so amazed his heart hasn’t just packed up and peaced right out of his chest.


This is a download link to a live mix Bassnectar recently did for BBC Radio’s Annie Nightingale (long lost relative??). Almost 30 minutes of his top songs, mixed together beautifully with some Classic tunes everyone will recognize. (Props to Bassnectar for including the Morrison intro).

– Signed Sincerely, Dr.Robotnix

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