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Indubitably Dubstep Vol. VII

6 Jan

To my loyal Dub-Minions,

I have returned from the warmth of the south, kicking and screaming all the way back to the frozen tundra I call my home. It has been a while since I have seen all that strange, flaky white substance falling from the sky, but after one glimpse of the madness approaching Southwestern Ontario over the next few months, I think I made a good decision to get my ass back in that parka. I don’t mind though, seeing how so many DJ’s will be coming to melt the snow [and faces] off everyone with half a brain who bought tickets already. 2011 is really starting off with a bang, as there are loads of albums awaiting to be dropped, like Nero’s new album set to be released in the coming month, as well as a slew of sweat-drenched nights in clubs all over the country.

While cruisin’ the south on vacation these past couple weeks, it became painstakingly apparent to me that clubs would rather play the same old garbage night in and night out, sticking to the same boring Top 40 bullshit that people like Ke$ha, Taio Cruz and Justin Beiber have shat on and called ‘home’. Occasionally I would hear a Deadmau5 track (usually the classic, but overplayed ‘Ghosts N Stuff’) or Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP’s ‘We Speak No Americano’ but beyond that people seem to be stuck in a Billboard coma. At about the 5th rendition of B.E.P’s ‘Dirty Bit’ one night, I decided that enough was enough and ventured over to the DJ booth where I began to plead to the DJ to throw on some Dubstep in order to save his and everyone in the club’s souls. He turned to me and said “I can only play music that will make people wanna dance”. He was wrong on so many levels. For one, there were maybe 10 people on the dancefloor, 6 of which looked like they were just waiting for the YMCA song to come on, the others just casually nodding their heads along to what I think was Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the U.S.A’. Secondly, how could he even think that by throwing on some down right dirty basslines and heavy drum beats would make people do less dancing than what was already going on? Too enraged to argue any further, I stormed out of the club and ran as quickly as I could to my laptop for some much needed Dubstep-medication. For all of you who have gone through the similar pains as I have, I feel for you and urge you to listen to these filthy tracks if you are in need of some serious earhole treatment. Oh, and I DARE you not to dance dirty to these gems.

Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix


Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead – Here Comes The Boom



Calvertron & Figure – Bring The Bass Back (Calvertron Remix)


Feed Me

Feed Me – Cloudburn feat. Tasha Baxter

Feed Me – Blood Red



Skream – Gather Round



Hulk – Run Train


Jack Beats

Diplo & Blaqstarr – Get Off (Jack Beats Remix)



Magnetic Man feat. Katy B – Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix)


Trevor Off Key

Trevor Off Key – Day & Night (The Smokers Refix)



Nero – Me & You (Danger Remix)

Nero – Welcome Reality

The TITS Week 13

23 Dec

To My Fellow Bra-Snappers,

The joys and sorrows of first semester have passed, and if your’re like me 2011 will mark a much needed fresh start in more areas than one. Yea we all make new years resolutions, but aside from the resilient few among us that actually keep them, the only pleasure this time of year offers us normies is the promise of incredible parties, fantastic food and maybe a sweet champagne induced kiss from a beautiful girl as the clock strikes twelve. This year the crew here at TheWorstGuy.com offer you one more holiday treat, as next weeks rendition of the TITS will mark our “Best Of” 2010 round up, showcasing our most vulumptuous and boner popping offerings from the entire year, spanning the Dubstep, Electro-house, Indie & Hip-Hop genres. Incase your retarded, and were not aware of the ridiculous amount of sensational music created this year, you best mark down next thursday in blood. Heres is the last slew of bangers for 2010 before next weeks juggernaut. SLURP AWAY!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy



Deadmau5 – Limit Break


Milk & Sugar

Milk & Sugar – Hey (Nah Neh Nah) Vs Vaya Con Dios



Ninetynine – Hiver Interstellaire


Scorned Society

Scorned Society – D.R.E.A.M. (Scorned Society Remix)


Angger Dimas

Angger Dimas – Are You Ready (Original Mix)


Far Too Loud

The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance (Far Too Loud Refix)



Marc Adamo & Tim Healey – Move (Dirtyloud Remix)



Phoenix – Lisztomania (Shook Remix)



Kanye West feat. John Legend – Blame Game (Calvertron Booty)

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