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Top TITS Of Twenty Ten Part I: Top Ten Albums

31 Dec


Hurrpies and Gentlederps, it is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I present to you the first segment of The Worst Guy’s top yummys of what has been a spectacular year in everything except mainstream music. 2010 has seen an extreme surge of attention directed towards the EDM community and the underground indie/alternative music scenes. DJs have turned into international gods in mere seconds, and technological advancements to small time producers and bands has sparked a shitsmere of artists emerging from the confines of their bedrooms with extremely unique sounds. The hottest girls started listening to dubstep, and 17 year old DJs produced tracks that engrained themselves into mixes and sets across the globe. Events like Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Bonnaroo, Coachella & Glastonbury were overflowing in talent and attendance, while countless other smaller festivals began popping up faster than kirstie alley’s hemorrhoids.

Concurrently, the mainstream american music market was forced to sell its pride and finally kneel down and slurp some Canadian schlang in order to generate revenue. Who woulda guessed a little shit from stratford and a jewish rapper who played a cripple could life-fuck every girl and child in the US. While all the while sites like Hype Machine and Grooveshark took a firm grasp over the underground music scene’s balls and put all the power of authority back into the listeners hands, where it should be. Artists from around the world were able to gain popularity outside their home towns as the internet pushed the music industry into a whole new stratosphere.

With all this new talent, it was very difficult for us here at TheWorstGuy.com to consolidate all of our favourite songs into a single post. So it dawned on us to shower our loving readers with a week of voluptuous joy, spreading our favourite TITs of each genre across several posts so that each may be garnished with the full fondling that it deserves!

We begin today with our top ten albums of 2010, which has probably been the most difficult to narrow down. With so many new artists in varying genres garnishing incredible accolade over the year, its tough to make a top ten list that satisfies the opinions of the mass music community. After much debate and bickering, this is what we came up with.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy



Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

When checking the top album posts from other music sites, ive noticed a tendency to count down from bottom to top and save the best albums for last. I say FUCK THAT, as the best album deserves to be mentioned first and foremost and this album has most definitely earned that right. Its actually quite scary how incredibly talented Kanye has become in the studio, devoid of how retarded he is in day to day society. His antics remind me of one of those outgoing stacked girls in your grade 12 science class that get straight As but have absolutely no common sense. Personality aside, Mr. West has birthed an album that has grabbed every music fan by the taint, and given Yeezy another shimmering masterpiece to mount on his wall. Whether your having fantastic sex, running a triathalon, knitting, commiting arson or taking a nice shit, theres a song on the album that can easily cater to the desired occasion.


(for a my full review of the album click me)



Deadmau5 – 4×4 = 12

Holy fucknuts, where to even begin describing the sheer animality that I experience every time the tracks from this album explode out of my speakers. Fuck all you mau5haters and posers out there, the king of Niagra shall forever reign atop his throne of insanity. From the first kick of Animal Rights to the last synth in Some Chords, this album delves you deep through the depths of the electronic playground that is Joel Zimmermans mind and shits you right out the other side. The icing on the cake is the final song on the album, aptly named 4×4=12, as it consists of a 1 hour DJ set provided by the Mau5 himself, alolwing his fans to hear the album as he intended them to hear it; mixed and mastered by his hand. Combined with a hauntingly seizuretastic live performance, the one known as Deadmau5 pretty much curb-stomped 2010.



Vampire Weekend – Contra

If your are ever in a shit mood and put this album on and dont feel better after, your a sociopath. This album took everyones mental picture of “I wish I was on a beach right now” and somehow materialized it through music. Every song is more upbeat than a cheerleader on speed, and matched with a vocalist that sounds as if he robbed Paul Simons soul, you have a sound that people develop a insane craving for. I was lucky enough to see them play live this summer, where they somehow sounded infinitely better than on the album. Combined with their mastery of modern production technology during their live sets, puts them in the bullpen with the likes of Miike Snow, while their vocals keep them that much better than the rest. Cant wait for the next album.



Sleigh Bells – Treats

After the first decible I heard of Tell ‘Em, I became instantly hooked on Sleigh Bells. The noise-pop music duo of Derek Miller & Alexis Krauss have been pioneering an extremely unique and well textured sound that has flooded the indie music community. 2010 has marked a year overrun by emerging female vocalists, marrying their vocal talents to creative underground producers instead of mainstream trash. In this case, Millers production versatility shines beautifully through every chorus and verse accompanied by Krauss, and the resulting music is synthfully sublime.



Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

I think after the first scene of this seasons Entourage (as garbage as it ended up), me and my friends collectively shat our pants. For the song picked to open episode one of season 7 was Shutterbugg, a track that tattoos itself to your brain immediately following its first listening to. The very same song that blasted its way through everyones cars speakers since the moment it was leaked off the album. Damn has Big Boi honed his craft and shown us a whole new side of his personality and talent. His flow is sensational, and the signature style that has kept him on iconic levels since the Outkast days shines thru on every track. Let this be evidence to force those that believe hip hop is dead to think twice, as maybe its you critics that have become dead to the idea that the genre is alive and well, constantly evolving and improving itself while thriving on the influences of its roots.



The Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

2010 for me marked the end to a 6 year void that has eaten away at me since the release of Demon Days by the Gorillaz back in 2004. Like many in this world, I find falling asleep troublesome at times and more often than not turn to music to fuel my dreams. Its a long process to find that one specific sound or genre that allows you to properly relax and detach from the world. Since Demon Days my sleep playlist has been thirsting for more Gorillaz, only to be quenched in 2010 following the release of Plastic Beach. The level of slumber I have reached after first listening to On Melancholy Hill has yet to be topped, with the rest of the album following suit; overflowing with tracks that unwind the body and remove the mind.



Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

I honestly did not know these guys were Irish until I saw them live, as from their music the only thing that can really be assumed is that they’re incredibly talented musicians. Like Vampire Weekend, the trio of Sam Halliday, Alex Trimble & Kevin Baird have found insane success through the magic of music blogs and Hype Machine, and quickly found themselves on countless iTunes libraries across the globe. Their sound is somewhat of a cluster fuck of several 21st century indie and alternative bands, and the resulting music is catchy as sin. If this is the direction alternative and pop groups are heading towards, 2011 is going to be a fantastical year.



Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

Every once in a while an artist emerges that introduces a intensely unique and individual sound to the music industry, leaving most in awe while the rest scratch their heads. The music usually involves a hybridization of one or many genres, with production qualities that complement specific sounds of each influence together in a manner befitting some sort of structure. Flying Lotus took a different approach, morphing elements of genres that dont typically sound natural together; creating an incredibly off tempoed and heavily textured sound. In order to truly enjoy this album for what it is, you must force yourself to throw contemporary musical conventions down the shitter and allow yourself to blindly enter a musical world that isn’t really meant to be fully understood. I think as time goes on this album will gain much wider acceptance and accolade, forcing a much more riotous anticipation for the subsequent Flying Lotus albums to follow.



LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

Cue the future grammy winner for alternative music album of the year. James Murphy has come a long way from the days that Daft Punk were playing at his house; a musical journey that has led him to the top of the Billboard charts. Murphy labels this album as “…much better than his previous other two,” a statement that humbly describes the tracks that make up the playlist, one reeking of originality and electronic soul. Im pretty sure the chilean miners even know all the words to I Can Change.



Rusko – O.M.G.!

Your damn right i put this album in the top ten you fucking haters you, as dubstep is here to stay and has become a key addition to a well balanced musical diet. The cockney thug rubbed out another tantalizing helping of synthesized madness this year, with the majority of the tracks released skyrocketing to the top of both the corporate and underground music charts. “Wake The Fuck Up” became the unofficial motto amongst festival goers, as dubstep tents and events across the globe attracted more and more caos. Rusko also learnt to add female vocals to his music, a move that has become somewhat of a necessity following the success that other artists, like Deadmau5 and Bassnectar, had when employing the same technique. Amber Coffman could be uglier than quasi modo and it really wouldn’t matter, her vocals in Hold On are so damn sexy they make my eyes rain and pretty much turn my spine into goo. One of my favourite things to see is when a mainstreamer listens to Rusko for the first time and a curious smirk sneaks across their face, as it reminds me how much bigger this genre and this artists are going to be in the upcoming years.

Stay tuned for more Top TITs of 2010 coming up all thru this week!

Indubitably Dubstep Vol. VI

18 Dec

Dear Dubheads,

Hello once again to my faithful partners-in-Dubstep. I come again bearing my usual array of tasty treats, collected feverishly for all of you to drool over (watch the keyboard!). However, I also come with some unfortunate news. Indubitably Dubstep will be going on a short hiatus for the next couple weeks [tears] but never fear, for The Worst Guy will still be entertaining your earholes with the arrival of some very BIG surprises coming in the next few weeks so remember keep ’em peeled. Now to the main event.

– Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix



Since his release of Wildstyle EP back in October, not much new has surfaced from the depths of his wavy hair, however it nearly impossible to search the blogosphere without seeing at least one daily post about the Dubstep Lord. These two tracks show two very different sides to the madman himself; one is a smooth bass-driven womper of a track, the other a remix of ‘Kick/Push’ by Lupe Fiasco. Both are great to just crank the volume to and lie back with a big ol’ spliff in ya hand.

Bassnectar – Land of the Lupes

Me & You – Last Night (Bassnectar Remix)



After having Skrillex destroy my mind and some articles of clothing back at Wrongbar, I thought it would be a wise decision to go on a little ‘Skrillex-cleanse’ of my entire body, fearing I had become too dependent on his filthy basslines and terror-inducing drops. Too bad he had to go and release another addicting slayer, rendering me helpless to his music, yet again. I guess there’s just no use fighting it any longer.

Skrillex – Cat Rats


Flux Pavillion

One half of the creators of highly successful UK label, Circus Records, Flux Pavillion would probably be on the first ballot for induction into the Dubstep Hall of Fame. He has consistently created the meanest tracks anyone has ever heard, and has released so many face-melters that he’s created his own timbre. Now, no matter what party I end up at, if there is Dubstep being played, 9 out of 10 times he makes an appearance (or several) in the set. This one is only a preview, but I have been playing on repeat constantly in anticipation for the full release!

Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon



I am very excited to introduce this DJ for the first time on the site. I really don’t know much about him, except he hails from Tokyo, Japan and creates some of the heaviest Dubstep I have heard in a while and at the same time keeps the rhythm flowing the whole time so you’re body won’t get a break from moving so hard. Signed under Rottun Recordings this Japanese virtuoso knows all the key ingredients for a delectable Dubstep destructor and you can all have a taste at some of the stuff he has produced. According to his Myspace profile, he doesn’t have any tour dates yet [sad face] but I doubt that will last for long, he really needs to come to North America and demolish some clubs, pronto!

Ajapai – Watch Out

Booty Bronx – Yeah!!! (Ajapai Remix)

Ajapai – Incoming (Taku Remix)


Extra Special Treats!!!

Koan Sound – New Beginnings

Nero – Me & You

Bratkilla – Methamphetamine

Indubitably Dubstep Vol. III

28 Nov

Another week has passed, mother nature is turning into the cold bitch she normally becomes, the sun basically calls it quits at like 2pm and school decides to shove its fist just a little deeper up our asses….singing ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ seems a tad ironic, doesn’t it? At least this week you can count on some really fucking great tunes to take your mind off of Hell freezing over.



Doesn’t it seem like Bassnectar always finds his way onto this site? Is it pointless to keep posting new tracks of his every other day? Shouldn’t I just wait for a bunch of new tracks to get released then put them all on one huge Bassnectar post? Shouldn’t everyone who agrees with me find a tall building and jump off it head first?



I don’t think you need psychic powers to realize that 2011 will be the year of Nero. Set to release their first dubstep album early next year, Nero has been going on a tear recently seeing their songs skyrocket to the top of HypeMachine, and Beatport, and also had one of the best mix’s of the year on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix early November. Their remix of Calvin Harris’ gemstone ‘You Used to Hold Me’ isn’t a super heavy song, but in laying off on the epic beat drops, they created a non-stop dancer from start to finish.



K, so if you are guys are looking at this and going, “Who the fuck is Sekklow???” you’re not alone. Before hearing this song I probably would’ve told you Sekklow is some sort of European-brand prophylactic. Well I would’ve been half right at least; Sekklow is a Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electronica DJ hailing from London, UK. He is basically a very low profile DJ (his Myspace page has a bit over 20000 views and around 170 friends) with tons of talent. If his resume consisted of this song only, I would hire him for any job available, regardless of its affiliation with music. I hope to hear more from this unheralded beast very very soon.


Doctor P

Another Dubstepper from the UK, albeit much more famous than Sekklow, Doctor P remains one of the premier DJ’s who have really yet to disappoint on basically everything he’s done. He has lend his hand to so many different DJ’s, and in 2009 he and good friend Flux Pavilion created Circus Records, signing major DJ’s like Cookie Monsta and Brown & Gammon. This song sounds like a video game freezing, then subsequently exploding in 8-bit harmony. Remember to always blow the bottom of the game before jammin it in!



I am so excited for all of you to listen to this next track. Prime somehow snuck into my dreams Inception style, killed some evil dream dudes and stole one of my ultimate dreams and made it into a reality. I probably wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that at some point in time everyone was singing this song. It was so geniously catchy and obscene that I’m pretty sure my elementary school banned people from singing that song on school property. But don’t feel bad, my school tried to ban Halloween too. Assholes. Time for some revenge.

Extra Childhood-Memory Redub!


Glass Animals

I don’t know much on Glass Animals (this was the only pic I could find….I don’t even know whats going on up there) all I know is he/she/they/it can make one hell of a sick dubstep track. The beatdrop uses some serious synth and bass, and the vocal effects lend a eerie kind of tone throughout the entire song. Definitely a must-grab.


At Dawn We Rage

I love getting new remixes of Deadmua5. Whether its dubstep, trance, DnB, Deadmau5 just seems to create ideal music for genre-bending. I think this is where electro music is heading, to a more unified, genre-less domain led by the likes of Deadmau5, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, etc. One half of At Dawn We Rage is DJ-producer LightsoverLA, so you know you can expect big things from this track. Oh btw, Mau5 man himself will be coming to Toronto for Boxing Day. Make sure to get your ass out of Wal-Mart and into a serious party.

Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

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