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Holy Fuck, A Canadian Concert Shitstorm! [Tickets]

2 Jan

Dear Canadian Benny Benassi Fans,

Im not too sure what our country has put forth as an offering, but the concert gods have accepted and are indeed smiling upon our frigid and humble nation. Along with SkrillexWolfgang, The Beetroots, Steve Aoki & Avicii, you can now add Benny Banassi to the list of heavy hitting DJs that will be throwing down all over Canada in 2011. After this Feburary, Bennasi might be forever etched in Canadian music history as he is spreading his Electroman tour lovejuice over almost every single province. His tour begins in the heart of the country, where he will be hitting the K-Rock Centre in Kingston on the 9th, Dagobert in Montreal on the 10th & Circus Nightclub on the 11th, The Guvernment in Toronto on the 12th and The New Yorker in London on the 13th.

On his way to the coast he will be stopping for a show in Winnipeg at the Garrick on the 15th, before making his way thru Victoria & Kelowna where he will be spinning at Sugar Night Club on the 16th and Royal Lepage Place on the 17th. O ya almost forgot…hes playing Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton the following three nights (18th,19th & 20th respectively). WHAT A FUCKING BEAST!

At the tender age of 43, it seems that Benny is showing no indication of slowing down anytime soon, and apparently has more road stamina than his comparatively diaper clad counterparts. If you have been clicking along as you have been reading, you will realize that the Vancouver & Montreal shows are the only ones where tickets are currently available for purchase. Dont fret, as per usual I will be checking everyday for the ticket links to be posted for the other shows and will throw them up as soon as I can get my grubby hairy hands on them.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

A Waterloo January, Beta Edition [Tickets]

28 Dec

Dear Waterloo & London Music Fans,

For all of you who were unable to purchase tickets to the Bloody Beetroots show @ the Music Hall in London, I have found your redemption. Recently, Beta Nightclub in Waterloo has established itself as one of the premier DJ venues on the region, hosting the likes of Steve Angello, Glenn Morrison & Zeds Dead to name a few. This January the club will be taking their reputation to the next level, starting with a performance by the Beetroots on the 5th. I know its an hour away, but there are still tickets available and its the Beetroots…..so stop being lazy and fucking giv’er down the 401.

If that wasn’t enough, Beta has given 3 more reasons for us to rejoice by adding a slew of ridiculous shows following the Beetroots. On January 8th Steve Aoki will be gracing Waterloo with his majestical presence, followed by Avicii on the 13th & Sander Van Doorn on February 3rd. Tickets can be purchased separately for each event or in packages to save money fot hose who know they will be attending at least 2 of the 3.

4 retarded DJs, 1 month span, 1 nightclub, infinite rage.

Bloody Beetroots Tickets

Steve Aoki Tickets

Avicii Tickets

Sander Van Doorn Tickets

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

New Avicii Radio Rip + Essential Mix

21 Dec

Sadly, this will probably be my last post of 2010, as I will soon be in the warm bosom of the Caribbean, sippin’ back on rum and trying to move as few muscles as possible. I thought it necessary to go out with a very delectable post, featuring a yet to be released remix by Toronto’s NYE host himself. I can almost guarantee this song will bring in the new year with smiles and sweat on everyone’s face. This track was taken from his recent set he performed on the world-renowned BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix with Pete Tong. I figured why let you get off on a small portion of the mix when I can hook you guys up with the entire thing?? It is packed with so much heat that if you play this from your computer speakers only, they will probably just melt right off. Best use some BIG bass when listening to this.

P.S. If you haven’t already bought your Avicii NYE ticket (what the hell could be taking you so long?) you can easily pick one up through here.

Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura V – Drowning (Avicii Remix)

Avicii – Essential Mix (Dec 11 2010) (Mediafire Download Link)

Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

The TITS Week 8

18 Nov

Dear TITS lovers,

I would like to solemnly apologize for the tardiness on this weeks rendition of your favourite slew of breast related bangers. The mid-term and essay monsters have had a tight bind over my uvula lately, and as such I have been in-able to dish out your weekly fix on time. However, this week has also been an extremely positive one for the site, as Josh Nightingale has now been officially added as a co-writer and administrator for the site under his new alias “Dr. Robotnix” and as such, the site will now be constantly filled with an epipen’s worth of adrenalined fueled mayhem. Also, we have begun working in collaboration with a local UWO website, http://www.lionsdenu.com, and through them will hopefully be able to grow our small site into a legitimate contender in this hipster infested social media world of music blogs.

Anyhoo…..fuck the limitless potential of the site, lets get down to the nipply business at hand.

Finally someone has sampled this incredibly nostalgic song, that we all have come to use in a pun and or euphemism at some point in our lives. Luckily, Gary Caos was able to do the song justice and at a healthy 6 minutes & 34 seconds, he has birthed a beautiful banger baby. His cut in the middle of the song to the original recording is a wonderful touch.


If ecstasy and mdma had to pick a favourite DJ, it would 100% be Avicii. The man has developed the innate ability to lift his listeners so much higher than even peter pan can fathom. His use of xylophone-esque tones during his builds matched with his uncanny ability to find the most orgasmic female vocalists, allows him to pump out victory after victory in the house music charts. The other day this song came on when I was at home and it put me in such a euphoric mood that I started finger-painting pictures of rainbows and cabbage patch kids.


In my opinion this song should be sent back in time and inserted as the background track for every assembly line scene, in each Terminator movie made.


The man is unstoppable. The uniquely dutch sound we have all come to love emulates in full catastrophic effect in this new unreleased track. I dare you to listen to this song and refrain from masturbating. The overwhelming rage induced coma that Afro perpetuates through his music is fucking absurd. His signature use of high pitched tones and distorted drum cadences for builds, has become the background track to countless music lovers’ alcohol powered hysteria for some time now. Heres hoping that it never ends.


This track is not unlike anything ive heard before, but theres something unique about it I cant seem to put my dick on. Its structure is similar to that of any other acceptable electro banger, but its samples and tracks seem to be alittle unconventional. Its as if Chocolate Puma kidnapped a mariachi band off the streets of Mexico city and jammed their essence into their mixer. The song itself is decent, but that one prominent horn track has been lingering in my loins for close to two days now.


Heres another new track from that post-mortem rodent who continues to fill our ears with goodies. The best place to drop this track: DJing that crazy sweaty rave in The Matrix 2.


Never thought you would be hearing Boy George on a blog like this? Guess again, punk. True we haven’t heard much from the androgynous star since his rise to fame with Culture Club in the 1980’s, however Grammy winner Mark Ronson skillfully uses Boy George’s talents in his new track, and with Congorock on the remix, this song is sure to keep the dance floor shaking.


Ibiza giant Roger Sanchez is in the process of releasing a new album on his own record label. He also just recently did an interview for the L.A. based EDM blog Gotta Dance Dirty (I recommend you have a read through) which is sure to boost his publicity. This song will hook you immediately with its sample of a very famous B-52’s song (shouldn’t be too hard to guess which one) and a collaboration with up & coming rap stars Far East Movement. Add Sidney Samson to the remix, and you have got one hell of a song. If this was released at the beginning of the summer, it would have been an instant summer classic but now it will just have to keep us warm through the winter.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy & Dr. Robotnix

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