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Epic-est Moment Of The Year [Video]

25 Dec

Dear Music Lovers,

Incase you missed it or have somehow forgotten by now, 2010 has marked one of the most highly anticipated years in modern music history. For the helmet headed lords of french electro have finally poked their heads out of the studio and regained their presence within the electronic music community. Although the Tron Legacy Album was not what most were expecting, we must remember that it was written as a score to a film first and as an album second. Nonetheless I thought it sounded stupendous and after hearing that they will be touring and releasing new tracks not featured on the Tron soundtrack, I pretty much sharted. Then before I could clean up, I saw this video and added a second helping to my boxers. I think if I would have been at madison square garden that night I would have spontaneously combusted. If you were a phoenix fan who attended this concert and had no idea who daft punk was, I hope you rot in hell.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

El Guincho – Bombay [Video+Audio]

19 Dec

This pretty much wins are the most innovative and confusing music video of the year. After watching this a first time, I had to immiditately hit repeat as there is WAYYY too much going on to decipher it properly after one view. Not to mention the constant use of sparklers and titties that distract you heavily from the incredible song that is the basis of the video. My advice is as such, watch the video without thinking and let it all sink in, then watch it a bunch more times and each time focus on the music and images separately. Also, as usual, a quick bowl rip wouldn’t hurt.

P.S. what the fuck is that golden tape launching crossbow device…..whatever it is i want it!

El Guincho – Bombay

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Daft Punk’s Triumphant Return

26 Nov

In one week and 4 days, the world will be witnessing the long-awaited revival of Daft Punk; the modern day electro equivalent of The Beatles. Not since their 2005 release of Human After All have we been able to get excited for a new album. But not only does this sound like its turning out to be their most epic album to date, it is being used for the soundtrack of TRON!!!!!! (my bet to win movie of the year). If you haven’t seen the original, and base your complete prior knowledge of TRON to the Family Guy skit, then you have to watch it ASAP. The original was so ahead of its time (maybe a little too ahead, according to some critics) and this one looks to do the same thing. The CGI looks stunning, and all of the battles and race scenes makes you wonder if they actually filmed inside the game. Oh, and Jeff Bridges plays himself in it. Twice. And one of him is a younger version. Ya, fucked up. But what makes this movie a must-see isn’t the cool graphics or a multi-dimensional Jeff Lebowski, its those two helmet-wearing French phenoms that will make you sit on the edge of your seat, with your head rocking back and forth and your mouth wide open.

Daft Punk have already released the tracklist to their TRON Legacy album, as well as a few of the songs on it. Just based on the few early releases from this album I can tell its not gonna be a ‘just for the movie’ type of listen. I highly doubt every song will be a rager, that’s just not what Daft Punk is about. They are really broadening the soundscape of this album, and it will probably be one of those listens that will give you an out-of-body experience, coupled with the intense feeling like your flying a spaceship through the universe, blowing up planets just cuz you can. Hans Zimmer has nothing on these guys.

Oh, and if dropping a huuuuge album for an unbelievable upcoming film isn’t enough good news, they are also planning a worldwide tour for 2011/2012. Expect this tour to be one of the biggest selling tours in recent history.

Below I leave you with the tracklist, as well as some of the already released songs and some massive remixes. Oh and the trailer too, just to hype up the anticipation.

Daft Punk ‘TRON: Legacy’ Soundtrack Tracklist

1. Overture
2. The Grid
3. The Son Of Flynn
4. Recognizer
5. Armory
6. Arena
7. Rinzler
8. The Game Has Changed
9. Outlands
10. Adagio For Tron
11. Nocturne
12. End Of Line
13. Derezzed
14. Fall
15. Solar Sailer
16. Rectifier
17. Disc Wars
18. C.L.U.
19. Arrival
20. Flynn Lives
21. Tron Legacy (End Titles)
22. Finale

Daft Punk – Derezzed

Daft Punk – The Game Has Changed

Daft Punk – Recognizer

Daft Punk – End of Line

Daft Punk – TRON Legacy (End Titles)

These two are by far the best remixes of ‘Derezzed’ out there currently

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Breakdown Remix)

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Tron Legacy Soundtrack – NTEIBINT Remix)


Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix

Ya i love Pokemon son!

3 Nov

This guy is saying exactly what we’ve all been thinking since grade 6.

special thanks to Ignacio for sending me this!

Kanye’s Film Runaway = ?!

24 Oct

I dont think I have ever been both confused and satisfied all at the same time. The final exam in my philosophy of emotions class this semester, should be to describe the variety of emotions you feel while sitting through this half an hour audiovisual enigma.

Never have I seen such a short movie completely filled with total random symbolism, accompanied by uniquely brilliant music. Kanye is lucky hes a fantastic producer, cause if the soundtrack for his upcoming album wasn’t the background of this film, I really dont think the cinematography would have popped as well as it did. But thats the beauty of Kanye directing the film and producing the soundtrack; his unique style in each media compliments each other in a way that only Yeezy can understand.

Thankfully, the rest of us only have the job of sitting back and appreciating the film without needing to try and understand what the fuck is going on in Kanyes head. He’s definitly got some interesting skills behind the camera, and hopefully this will be a first of many films from the Louis Vitton Don.

P.S. naked peacock girl is super hot!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

My DJ Hero

28 Sep

i dont understand why cats are so damn funny, it really doesn’t make any logical sense.

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