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The Bloody Beetroots Destroy UWO & Waterloo [Review+Music+Pics]

10 Jan

My soul has been whisked away, I am but an empty shell, a physical body encasing a dark void. I lay here detached from all sense of time and space, unable to move or speak. – N.H.

I currently am sitting on my living room couch, bloody, bruised, and drenched in sweat. Its around 3:30 am and the most ridiculous night of my life is slowly slipping away, which is made even more painful as I can still hear the concert ringing through my eardrums, constantly reminding me of the insanity that I will never again experience. My original intention for this post was to compare and contrast the 2 bloody beetroots shows I attended this week, but after just witnessing what they did to the crowd at UWO, it would be unjust to Waterloo to do so. There is simply no substitute to seeing a concert in London Ontario, regardless of who’s playing or the venue. So, I will quickly sum up the Waterloo show so we can get to whats important.

I am actually astonished at the promoting power of Beta nightclub. The former Waterloo Stage Theatre has somehow transformed itself, almost overnight, into one of the premier DJ attractions in southwestern Ontario, and all without the help of a liquor licence. Its my hope that they refrain from getting their LLBO, as seeing a show without mounds of sweating idiots on top of you was a nice change of scenery. Beta is big, open and has an epic DJ booth. The sound system is great, but unfortunately during the show they had to turn it down a bit as some By-Law douche came by and gave them a warning. Nonetheless, the event went off without a hitch and the Beetroots played a fantastic set to a crowd that was surprisingly overwhelmed with hot girls (ya apparently there’s a bunch at Laurier, who knew?). The biggest shocker of the evening for me was Conor Cutz, the first opening DJ, who blasted out one of the most well rounded and energetic sets ive ever seen. The fact that I even remember his name with artists like Zeds Dead and The Beetroots following him is impressive enough, but Conor has got some incredible talent behind the decks and I implore all of you to go and see him next time he plays. All in all the concert was a hit, and Nate Black was able to have a nunscunting good time, which is all that really matters.

Ok, with that out of the way, lets get back to the events that just recently unfolded at the London Music Hall. Fortunately for me, my friends were smart enough to pack up the predrink earlier than usual, and we made it to the club before the line started to get out of hand. As we got in, we all made our way to the front of the stage, and cemented our presence in the region for the rest of the evening. The club was still somewhat void of numbers as John Roman was halfway through his set, but to tell you the truth it really didn’t matter. John is an extremely talented producer and DJ, and his hometown crowd was more than happy to show him the support that he deserves. John set the tone early, playing a lot of underground dance bangers that tore people away from mingling near the bar and drove them onto the dance floor. After he was done laying the foundation, he passed the headphones over to Gingy, one half of the up and coming DJ duo consisting of him and Bordello. The only track I had previously heard by them, was their recent banger Vaporizer, which I was happy to hear Gingy drop tonight. Im not sure if the crowds energy was already high thanks to John’s set, or due to the thought of the Beetorots coming on soon, but regardless the place was fucking electric for the entirety of Gingy’s presence. As his set drifted to the 1 am mark, you could tell people were starting to get figity, but thankfully 5 minutes later the lights began to dim, and the crowd began to piss itself.

The first half of the set was doused in relentless blind energy. The venom masked italians blasted out a bunch of relatively unknown italian and french electro tracks for close to the first half an hour. It was the crowd’s reaction to these initial anonymous tracks is what separates UWO from every other concert scene Canada. Every drop was met with the same consistent level of reaction from the crowd, separating their hit songs of course, which were met with the raising of hell (but well get to that in more detail in a sec). They then paid omage to Boys Noize, by blasting Lemonade and Yeah, two songs that the crowd welcomed with open arms. The opening hour was then extinguished with two flavourful Congorock tracks; a young DJ who has worked under the watchful eye of Sir Cornelius himself. The crowd erupted in furious ecstasy and all rejoiced. Sunrise, sunset, hour one.

Since I have not been provided a set list from the evening, to try and chronologically map the remaining madness of the Beetroot’s 2 hour muck fest would be damn right impossible. Therefore, im going to give you an account of what was going on during the most memorable tracks they threw down during the second hour, from what I can currently piece together.

The Bloody Beetroots – Dimmakmmunication

Dimmak has to be mentioned first, as the euphoria I experienced when it was playing is the most prominent thing currently molesting my thoughts. The expression of negative emotion is somewhat impossible during this song and watching the entire room completely dismantle when it was dropped is something I will not soon forget. Dimmak was the track that opened me to the electronic music world, and has thereby catalyzed all my efforts towards sharing such music with you. It was first played to me by New Kind Of Naked, one of my closest friends, and it was a pleasure to throw down to it alongside him live and in the presence of The Beetroots. For the last half a minute of this song, I watched someone repeatedly smash his head into the stage as hard as possible, then climb up and dive offstage into a mess of sweaty happy people.

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 7.7

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977

Yes, thats right, they played the entire warp trifecta tonight and it was a spectacle of absurdity. First they dropped 7.7, which had the crowd going buck wild from the first note. Its amazing to be a part of a crowd where the majority can identify the DJs tracks immediately as they are mixed in, and unfortunately it happens all too rarely now a days. The second the energy level started to drop, Rifo kicked in some woop woop and unleashed hell. Feeling the floor bounce from pressure during 1.9 was more powerful than the bass in the subwoofers, as the mosh pit became one giant mess. If that wasn’t enough, they chose Daft Punk’s “One More Time” as the one outside track to link the last 2 Warps. Being with all my friends in a club setting, with Daft Punk being blasted at full volume was a dream come true, and I think every other person with me was thinking the same thing. Mr. Bangalter, on the slim chance that you are reading this, for the love of fuck please come to London! Anyways, 2 down 1 to go and leave it to the beetroots to pull out all the stops for 1977, the warp that sits closest to their hearts. Everyone knew it was coming the moment Rifo grabbed the mic and hopped on top of the booth. With fists clenched and bruised vocal chords, the crowd and Rifo were joined in a tag-teamed screaming match that almost tore the roof off of music hall. To top it all off, they transitioned the final Warp into Shout! and flicked the mood in the room from evil to bar mitzvah, marking one of the most ridiculous emotional 180s ive ever seen a large group of people go through.

The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Refused – New Noise

At the end of the concert when most were panting for air and struggling to stay on their feet, the boys decided to pop this track on and everyone was forced to dip into the reserve energy they had stashed for the walk home. From the moment the opening guitar line rolled in till the track ended, Tommy Tea was jumping and everyone was jumping with him. All I remember is screaming the lyrics of the song at the top of my lungs to any person who was standing around me, only to have them screaming them even harder back.

The Bloody Beetroots – Cornelius

The 3 minutes of Cornelius marked the peak in the performance, and ironically was also played right at the halfway point. Everyone was in a  perpetual state of insanity, including the usually reserved promoters and people in the VIP section on stage. I was lucky enough to be perched on the end of the stage with a clear view of the crowd and the stage, a vantage point that allowed me to see all the insanity unfold. It was an incredible sight watching 3 of my best friends leap off stage, over my head and into a sea of rage. For the entire 3 minutes that Cornelius was blasting, the crowd was showered in champagne and glory.

Im amazed that I was able to remember this much about the concert and that Im still coherent enough to write about it. My friends who attended the show with me are currently littered all over the floor of my apartment, each of them succumbing to the snooze button almost immediately after walking thru the door. I sit alone now, at the computer, with only thoughts and memories of a ridiculous night that will never again be repeated. The Beetroots have been my favourite DJs for as long as I have been listening to their music, and without them, my life today would be a shadow of its current self.

I love the Bloody Beetroots.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

P.S. here is a make-shift setlist from the evening compiled by my well-hung buddy Brandon. Its not in any particular order nor is it 100% accurate, but its as close as it gets!

Benny Benassi – House Music
Autoerotique – Bubonic
Boys Noize – Yeah
TV Rock – I Am Techno
Steve Angello – Rave N’ Roll
Congorock – Babylon (Steve Angello Remix)
Bart B More – Brap
Boys Noize + Erol Alkan – Lemonade
Daft Punk – One More Time
Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Possibly the Alex Metric Remix???)
The Whip – Muzzle No. 1 (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
The Aston Shuffle (feat. Tommie Sunshine) – Stomp Yo Shoes (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL (feat. Boy George) – Somebody To Love Me (Congorock Remix)
Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Afrojack ‘Meat’ Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 7.7
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977
The Bloody Beetroots – Dimmakmmunication
The Bloody Beetroots (feat. Refused) – New Noise
The Bloody Beetroots – Cornelius
The Isley Brothers – Shout!

An Hour of Mayhem with The Death Crew Part II: Left Side

20 Oct

Whattup ‘lectro-heads of the Internet, it is without further adieu that I present to you my inaugural post. Before I begin I would like to throw a big shout out to the Worst Guy himself for breaking character and allowing me to write for his blog.

With that out of the way, I can finally start to revisualize the amazing night which was Sunday October 17th 2010 on the left side of the stage, and like they say in Remember The Titans, strong side — LEFT SIDE! Like Spiro said in the first part of this two-sided review, the show was only an hour, but even with the short set I had my face melted off, body ripped apart, and mind disintegrated. The power source: two men in luchador masks accompanied by their band of hard rockers.

The beginning of the Beetroots set was shared by all of us who came together, and we all witnessed the most remarkable opening to any show played at The Guvernment. The crowd at first seemed a tad star-struck at the fact they were watching one of the biggest names in electronic music, but as soon as the track switched to “Dimmakmunication” a monstrous wave of energy hit the crowd (probably residing originally in Bob Rifo’s electric guitar) and it started to turn every person in the crowd from age 11-50 into a hardcore moshing freak. And due to me residing in that demographic, I allowed my freak side to join in on the moshing bonanza (the last time I was at a concert with a pit was when Swedish progressive-metal band Opeth cam to London. There’s a bit of a different mosh style at Opeth though). It was just too contagious, however I got separated from the rest of the crew and ended up right in the heart of the pit for a solid third of the show.

At first the music had total control of my concentration, as my eyes gazed quickly between DJ Tommy, Bob Rifo, their incredibly angry drummer (apparently the drum set had upset him earlier, based on the furiousness of his drumming) and the screamer they had come on for a couple tracks. The overwhelming amount of underage sweat dripping from everyone around me starting to take effect on my enjoyment of the music, so I shoved my way out of the pit to find Jeffstar rockin out by the speakers. There we stayed, bangin our heads to basically every single Beetroot classic, from ‘Fucked From Above 1985’ to their ‘Pistols and Hearts’ remix, sometimes with our iPhones held high, but mostly with our fists raging. Rifo would hover over about a foot away from us just yelling into his mic, and during all three versions of Warp I could vividly see saliva spray all over his mic, and sometimes on the audience, but I’m sure they didn’t mind.

After the show, meeting up with the rest of the gang and sharing our experiences for a solid three hours while Jeffstar entertained us with his skateboarding skills, was the icing on the cake of one unforgettable night.



EST – (Extra Special Treats)

Because this is my first post, I’ve decided to drop some of my favourite treats I’m listening to right now.

Bassnectar – Wildstyle Method (feat. 40 Love) (Download Link)

Fucked From Above 1985 – The Bloody Beetroots

Mikey B. – The Nemesis (just in time for Halloween!)

Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii’s Arena Mix)

An Hour of Mayhem with The Death Crew Part 1: Right Side

20 Oct

My Dearest Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo & DJ Tommy Tee,

I would like to start off by personally thanking the both of you for that steamy night we shared in early september of 2nd year university, where you swiped my electronic music v-card. Since the first second of Dimmakmmunication, I have been 2 stepping my way into every aspect of electronic music and the DJ culture. My passion for this blog, for the countless concerts and DJ sets ive attended and for creating music were all sparked by you and I can never thank you enough.

On that note, my prayers were answered this past sunday night when you finally graced Toronto with a performance. Im pretty sure I smelt like shit for the few days leading up to sunday as the thought of seeing you live was making me constantly poo my pants. Then the day finally came, and unfortunately for me, my heel was killing me due to a sambuca related injury I suffered outside the drake hotel the previous night.

Me and the boys showed up a little late and missed what im sure was a good set by Bombamann, a local Toronto Dub DJ who has some pretty heavy shit. We found a spot on the left side of the stage, right at the front of the gate. Watching you two walk on stage 5 feet infront of my face was the most epic sight ive ever witnessed, which was then made even more delicious when you immediately dropped Fucked From Above & Dimmak. Yumzalicious.

The next 15 minutes were unbelievably uncomfortable. The show was an all ages event, and as such the crowd was packed with every retarded 18 year old  justin bieber looking child of forest hill, who showed up strictly to mosh around and make out with each other. Me and Boaz could no longer stand getting groped and tossed around so we left for greener pastures. We started off at the back of the Guv, where we saw you guys drop the first of 3 warps in the span of that bonetastic hour. Then we moved upstairs where I witnessed how truly rowdy the crowd was. Throughout the 3 or so minutes of House No 84, I must have seen over 7 stage dives and crowd surfs from amongst the almost naked clan of severely intoxicated children (wow I sound fucking old).

In the end, we made our way back downstairs to the area on the right side of the stage, infront of the bar. It was from a vantage point I found on top of one of the stage speakers infront of me, that I was able to regain my impossibly close proximity to you Bob. Watching the sweat dripping from your Gibson as you shredded solo after solo im pretty sure gave me type 2 diabetes. For some reason however, you decided to end your set after one encore, giving your showtime the span of almost exactly an hour, also giving me the worst case of musical blue balls in the history of dick. I love you boys more than life itself, but for gods sake never stop playing after only an hour again. I know the crowd was full of overhyped pissants, but an hour is not enough for the few proud Rootheads that waited as meticulously for this concert as I did.

Nonetheless, you delivered a performance second to none, and the addition of a live drummer to your group was truly the icing on the jizztastic cake that you call your music.

Rifo, you are the heart, soul, and pubes of this group and are quite possibly the most versatile DJ/producer/musician in electric music scene today. Dont ever stop touring, and next time you come into T.O. bring your mixer and CDJs with you.


– Forever Yours, The Worst Guy

Miike Snow: a band, not a dude.

13 Oct

Dear ignorant/misinformed members of the music community,

After going to see Miike Snow this weekend, it dawned on me that most people really enjoy the music Miike Snow makes, but are too lazy to actually research the band enough to realize that no one in the band is named Mike, or Miike for that matter.

Miike Snow is a Swedish band that formed in Stockholm in 2007. The band consists of Andrew Wyatt, the lead singer/songwriter and the producing/DJ team of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, also known as Bloodshy & Avant, who have been producing big hits for such artists as Britney Spears & Madonna since 2002. However, the band I witnessed on saturday night also included a drummer (who played both an 80s style electronic & regular drum kit), a synth pianist (who also played bass) and an effects specialist.

This gathering of talent has spawned an indie band that can only be described as a cluster-fuck of musical genres, more specifically, a hybrid of the vocal tempos and arrangements of Coldplay, with the intricate electronic production skills of Daft Punk. However, as unreal as their songs are on the album, they do not do justice to how the band performs these songs live. They display their immaculate talent by adding extended jam sessions and builds to their repertoire.They also attack their instruments onstage, and somehow get more excited and into their jams than the crowd does (as seen in the video I got of Animal, where Karlsson beats the shit out of a nearby cymbal and Wyatt starts molesting his guitar). As a band, they break their popular songs down to their core basslines and proceed to rebuild and remix long enough to make you poop your panties when they eventually drop, just as a seasoned DJ would.  Somehow they have been able to combined those two orgasmic feelings that one gets while listening to beautifully sung indie music, and extremely banging electro music.

In my freckled opinion, Miike Snow is currently the best Indie-Electro band in the world, and if they are performing anywhere near you, GET OFF UR FAT ASS, GRAB A 40 AND GO SEE EM!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Happy Mau5coming Noobs!

4 Oct

Dear Deadmau5,

Honestly, there aren’t enough words in the english language that I have at my disposal to describe the utter pleasure of watching you DJ live. Your latest set at homecoming has been the 4th show I have seen you play in the span of a year and fortunately, each time I have seen you, you somehow find ways to outdo yourself.

The first show of yours I saw was last year at the Guvernment. At the time, the only songs I was really familiar with were Ghosts, Reward & Moar Ghosts. For the brief period of time before that concert you would have definitely labelled me a Noob, thankfully that night you showcased much of your underplayed songs and remixes, as this was before you began touring with your absurd cube of destruction and LED mask. Your set opened my ears that night, a necessary first step that has since made me a slave to your muse.

By the time Bonnaroo rolled around, I had already been well versed in your music, and had spread it as hard a humanly possible whilst I was in the Holy Land. Watching the looks on Israeli faces when I dropped Dr. Funkenstein and Fifths, at the bar I was spinning at was priceless. It was as if I had shown them an ever-spewing fountain of hummus. Anyways, the show you played at Bonnaroo was a masterpiece, it was the second time you unveiled the cube and LED mask since Coachella, at it was one of the most mesmerizing sights I have even witnessed. Unfortunately the tent was a little too packed, and I was forced to witness most of ur set from, the acid-tripper infested, back portion of the crowd. The same can be said for your Canada Day performance, which was almost identical in set list, appearance and awesomeness. However, this time I had the great fortune of being with some of my best friends, who are just as mau5hungry as I am and were able to bounce around with me, so I didn’t look like a complete retard.

Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better, you decide to finally cut the cube and flashy light show and go on an ‘unhooked’ tour, with a very special stop in London for Homecoming. What a mensch you are, for at last you give us Mau5heads the ability to rage and roll alongside our best friends and the entire student population of UWO.

Although the two old as fuck DJs who opened for you were decent, and played some legit bangers, the crowd was just not electric until you mangeled your way on stage, flailing your arms around like a tard (which I luckily got on video). The first half an hour or so was a delight for the people who can truly call themselves Deadmau5 fans, you played a dazzling array of house tracks, most of which were remixes of your more well known tracks. Although the Noobs in VIP seemed a bit bored and confused, as all they wanted to hear was Ghosts, let me assure you that the true house fans in the crowd were bouncing around relentlessly. After this breif phase of house related yummyness you dropped back into old form, blasting out banger after banger, starting with The Reward and moving through Ghosts, Moar Ghosts, Animal Rights & Sofi, which were all tasty as sin. Then you just started firing a shitstorm of remixes and originals that I have not heard before. If you were at tent party you know the one track in particular that im talking about (which thank god I got on video). The highlight of the night for me was twofold, the first when you dropped Raise Your Weapon, which is quite possibly the most euphoric dubstep song on the planet, and the second when you ended the night wearing a Western sweater, standing infront of the DJ booth, with the lovely tones of strobe echoing behind you. You even gave us a little treat, by coming out from the booth with your lemur touchpad and remixing Rage’s “Killing in the Name of” right infront of our eyes.

All in all there isn’t much left to say. You have become the face of modern progressive house and electro music, and have inspired people all over the planet to rage around for as long as drugs and pure adrenaline can keep them standing. You can be an egocentric asshole sometimes but who the fuck cares, you are a malnourished Jew from Niagra Falls Ontario and you have consistently kept yourself on top of the international DJ spectrum.


– Signed Sincerely, your humble servant, The Worst Guy

Here are some of the videos I got from tent party, enjoi!

Dub Bob Rays: The Aftermath

2 Oct

Dear Zeds Dead fans & Jim Bob Dubheds,

It is in this coming year and the year that has past that we have seen the glorious noise that we call Dubstep music, finally begin to flourish on a global scale. Evidence of this was being beaten through the floors and walls of Jim Bob Rays on thursday night, by the Dub-hungry residents of London Ontario. For us brilliant crowd who decided to pay the $20, and avoid the Western dogma to go to frog just because its a thursday, we had the pleasure of having our heads scrambled by Zeds Dead for over 2 hours.

I started off my night sitting down to a pitcher of beer, with my dub-savvy hetero life mate Joshua Chancho, while enjoying the local DJ duo MDMK play mostly mainstream Dub with a couple of decent remixes. Luckily once Zeds Dead arrived, the people who came for the cheap pitchers had left, and the dub heads (who’s numbers were impressive for a thursday night) took over.

The boys waisted no time in blasting some of their heavier remixes, like Gimme Shelter and Volcano. The crowd was immediately ignited, and over the next 2 or so hours, the Dead duo continuously blasted a flurry of Dub, Electro & Drum n Bass BANGERS. About half way through the night, I was lucky enough to sneak into the booth, alongside Joshua, and proceeded to mangle and bash around with the boys themselves, who seemed to somehow be having a better time than the crowd. After 2 and a half hours I realized I had become too sweaty to grip my beer and decided to call it a night, unfortunately I did not get to see the boys sign off, but the crowd seemed to be rowdier when I left than when it started. The moral of the story is, regardless if you were at JBRs that night or not, you better be there when they come back on the 28th.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Here are some videos I got from both in the booth & on the floor:

Inside the Booth @ JBRs (Sorry I videotaped vertically)

Zeds Dead – The Pretender (Foo Fighters Remix) Live @ JBRs

The Curse of the Hooded BANG

19 Sep

Before this post I would just like to wish all my Jewish readers a Shana Tovah and hope that each of you had a meaningful and an easy fast. For me, the fast was spent lying in bed with a cold with the only one person keeping me company and keeping my thoughts off my stomach, that man is Afrojack.

Dear Afrojack,

Before I get into you and the ridiculous music that is created deep within your loins, I would like to thank you for the experiences I have had at each of your shows. Like Bassnectar, I have seen you live both at Bonnaroo and at Electric Zoo, with each show having a heavy impact on both my life experience as well as my passion for electro and house music.

After stumbling away from Wale’s set at Bonnaroo after he was 30 min late, my good friend Raph and I rolled our way over to the Lunar Stage. The night was warm, and the stage was bumping with the end of LA Riots set, which was quite satisfactory. Me and Raph fought our way to the front pit just as you emerged from backstage, veiled by your unmistakable hood. From the moment you slipped that stitched cotton off your head, the mood somehow changed. People were beginning to flock, rave girls were emerging from the shadows and glow sticks were being lit everywhere, as well as countless joints. Before this I had been a “fan” of your music, as most people are “fans” of electro music; the stage before you begin looking past the energy and noise to understand all the small details that make it the best music in the world. I had known that your music was great, but knew nothing of your live show or even of your physical appearance. Thankfully once you removed your hood, and that smiling latino/dutch chris brown face was hit by the spotlight, my love for you and electro music really started to make sense.

For over an hour you had thousands of people just absolutely lost in music and lights. The crowds energy was overwhelming; from crowd surfing, to glow stick parachute tosses, to endless displays of euphoric dancing bliss. But none of this was important, as for every second of that show it felt as if the only people there were you, me and Raph. I listened to every build, every drop, every tempo change, every remix, every beat, so intently it was as if i was expecting you to quiz me on it after the show. Thankfully I had Raph there to keep me grounded, and also to reassure me that everyone else was in the same mindset.

You ended your set that night by debuting your remix of Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo, to a crowd of ears who had yet to ever hear it. Watching everyone around you hear the beginning of a song they’ve never heard, and knowing that its going to be fucking epic is a feeling that will be etched in my nerves for the rest of my life.  After your turntables slowed to a halt and you had banished yourself back to the shadows, you left me and every other electro head in the crowd with the biggest case of musical blue balls in the history of LIFE. By this I mean that me and raph continually went to the silent disco, other tents, and even my car to find other electro music to listen to, but after experiencing your set, every medium was deemed completely unsatisfactory to the point where we actually couldn’t listen to anything else. From that moment on you became the most important DJ in my life, until the next night when Joel Zimmerman gave me a second circumcision, but well save that for another time.

The bottom line is that you have developed a DJ style and performance all your own, a loud yet blissful land filled with snare drum builds, high frequency tones and harmonic vocals. You keep the crowd nice and comfy when needed, while picking them up and fucking kicking them at whim. But most importantly, you always leave the crowd salivating for more, a skill that many seasoned DJs only dream of. The sky is the limit my friend and all your adoring fans will have their fists cocked and loaded for whatever is coming next.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy.

Awsomesawce Approved Bangers

Wolfgang Gartner; The Prince of Pain

16 Sep

Dear Wolfgang,

Id like to start off by saying that since discovering you and your music, my body is slowly but surely beginning to shut down. It really doesn’t matter where i am when your music starts to play, within seconds you have my head banging, my feet shaking and my fist PUMPING. I have had the fortunate grace to witnessing you perform live twice, once in Toronto at MOD club and once at Electric Zoo, and from the endless remixes you kept blasting it seems to me that your flow will be worshipped for years to come. Your technique is perfection, you never seem to release your hands from your mixer. Watching your hands molest every knob and dial is somehow more impressive than the blinding light show behind you, especially since that raping and molesting produces some of the most mind numbing raging music that most have ever heard. My only advice to you, is to go buy yourself a pair of good dj headphones. Those backstreet boy style earpieces you have im sure are amazing, but they dont allow you to hear how fucking loud the crowd actually is while you perform. At the Zoo the crowd was noticing you getting upset that they weren’t loud enough, but that wasn’t the case good sir. Your music had people on the verge of collapsing from everything from overdoses to euphoria, you just couldn’t hear it.

You are a revered synth master, a rage machine and an extremely finely tuned DJ. I humbly submit my eardrums to you, noble prince.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy.

Awsomesawce Approved Bangers:

For my first order of biznatch i present…….RUSKO

15 Sep

Dear Rusko,

I recently saw your set at Electric Zoo and from what I can remember you put on quite a spectacular show. Even though you looked like you were going line for line with vinny chase, and often tried to mask your ADD related fuck ups with hyping everyone up, you had the crowd fucking bouncing. There was one moment when I was right up close to the booth, sandwiched in between a small cuban child and two giggling japanese girls, you had me in the palm of your hand. You were just coming off playing Cockney Thug and were in the midst of building your drop to the Subfocus remix of Hold On, the crowd began to sizzle and the small cuban child was beginning to speak in tongues, while all the while you were bouncing around just as hard as every other coked up New Yorker that came to see you. You ended the build with a nice soft fade and then proceeded to rape the crowd with one of the hardest dub drops I have ever experienced. Good job Rusko. Next time listen to Billy Walsh’s advice before you go onstage.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Awsomesawce Approved Bangers

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