Tiesto Canadian Tour feat. Wolfgang FTW! [Tickets]

13 Jan

Dear Canadian Tiesto Fans,

I think by the time the year is over, the collective concert going public in Toronto are going to be dead from exhaustion and flat broke. The golden age of headlining concerts in Toronto has reached a new milestone, as Tiesto has announced that he will be playing a show at the Ricoh Coliseum alongside Wolfgang Gartner on April 21st. Rediculous, yes….unimaginable, yes……sensible, meh. First issue = why the fuck are they playing at Ricoh? Theres a overflowing spew of sensational concert venues in Toronto that can house these two monsters in luxury and comfort, and yet they choose a venue that reeks of manure and amateur hockey (#venue FAIL). Secondly, it amazes me that Wolfgang & Tiesto have actually ever had a conversation. Yeah, they’re both rediculous DJs and im sure have crossed paths here and there, but they represent two very different production styles and genres, so it will be interesting to see how the two respective fanbases mold together under one roof. Regardless, this show should b one for the ages, and I implore all of you Torontonian Tiesto fans to buy your tickets early. I dont know how much longer Tiesto will be touring and if he will ever grace the shores of Canada again, so this concert has been elevated to code DERPLE, which makes it a must-see. Tickets will go on sale on the 18th, and I will repost the ticket link as soon as it is up.

For everyone who lives outside of Toronto, Tiesto will also be playing shows in Saskatoon, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Prince George & Edmonton. Pre-sale tickets for all events are available on Tiesto’s site, with exception to the Montreal show @ Bal en Blanc on April 24th, where all tickets are already on sale.

Whatever form of prayer that you all have been doing to appease the concert gods has been magnificent, keep it up and well all peacefully die together from musical ecstasy.

– Singed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

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