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Tiesto Canadian Tour feat. Wolfgang FTW! [Tickets]

13 Jan

Dear Canadian Tiesto Fans,

I think by the time the year is over, the collective concert going public in Toronto are going to be dead from exhaustion and flat broke. The golden age of headlining concerts in Toronto has reached a new milestone, as Tiesto has announced that he will be playing a show at the Ricoh Coliseum alongside Wolfgang Gartner on April 21st. Rediculous, yes….unimaginable, yes……sensible, meh. First issue = why the fuck are they playing at Ricoh? Theres a overflowing spew of sensational concert venues in Toronto that can house these two monsters in luxury and comfort, and yet they choose a venue that reeks of manure and amateur hockey (#venue FAIL). Secondly, it amazes me that Wolfgang & Tiesto have actually ever had a conversation. Yeah, they’re both rediculous DJs and im sure have crossed paths here and there, but they represent two very different production styles and genres, so it will be interesting to see how the two respective fanbases mold together under one roof. Regardless, this show should b one for the ages, and I implore all of you Torontonian Tiesto fans to buy your tickets early. I dont know how much longer Tiesto will be touring and if he will ever grace the shores of Canada again, so this concert has been elevated to code DERPLE, which makes it a must-see. Tickets will go on sale on the 18th, and I will repost the ticket link as soon as it is up.

For everyone who lives outside of Toronto, Tiesto will also be playing shows in Saskatoon, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Prince George & Edmonton. Pre-sale tickets for all events are available on Tiesto’s site, with exception to the Montreal show @ Bal en Blanc on April 24th, where all tickets are already on sale.

Whatever form of prayer that you all have been doing to appease the concert gods has been magnificent, keep it up and well all peacefully die together from musical ecstasy.

– Singed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

The TITs Week 14

13 Jan

Dear Silicone Squeezers,

To anyone who is reading this that has a knack for over embellished assassinations, please listen up. Someone has just played me the new Britney Spears song, and it seems that she has set her fat fucking grubby hands on the neck of our beloved dubstep genre, trying to strangle it for all the mainstream money its worth. I will handsomely pay any bounty hunter who tracks Britney down and kills her in the most overtly gruesome method possible. She has gone too far this time, as desecrating a sacred genre that hasn’t even reached its peak yet is a crime deservingly punishable by death. Now that weve got that out of the way, here is your weekly breastfeeding from the nipples of awesome.

P.S. we are still in the process of giving the site a facelift. My inability to come to a conclusion of an acceptable template for the site is irritating, i know, but its a process. Unless one of you readers out there can design me a website to my incredibly bizarre specifications, the overhaul process might take a bit so bare with us!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

(to download tracks right click the pink link & press “save link as”)


Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne)(Prod. Afrojack & Diplo)

The only reason this song is fantastic is because of Busta Bust. You might as well just start the track at 1:08 mark, after chris is done “rapping.” Busta busts in and throws up a “hail breezy,” and shows us how to “keep the dice rolling when hes doin his thang”. Regardless of how retarted that sounds, Busta absolutely destroys his cypher, reminding us why he still exists in the rap game. The backbeat produced by Afrojack & Diplo is trippy and simple, and by speeding his rap tempo up to every 1/16 count, Busta sounds like hes rapping at mach 3. After two big gulps for air, a minute has gone by and Busta has officially converted the track to something impressive. Weezy’s cypher in the end is decent enough, but a version with busta bust for all 4 minutes woulda been more than derperful.


Feed Me – Grand Theft Ecstasy

Jon Gooch’s To Do List: 1) start producing ✔ 2) focus on drum and bass and change name to Spor ✔ 3) get tired of drum and bass ✔ 4) change name to Feed Me & focus on electro-house and dubstep muzik ✔ 5) produce a couple of banging tracks ✔ 6) get signed by Mau5strap label ✔ 7) make an EP ✔ 8 ) have EP rape Beatport charts ✔ 9) tour with Deadmau5 ✔ 10) make the Worst Guy’s TITs ✔


Cyberpunkers – Fuck The System (Designer Drugs Remix)

This song just made me vomit a little in my own mouth. The Cyberpunkers seem to share several commonalities with The Bloody Beetroots (also known as TheWorstGuy’s biggest mancrush). For one, they are both from Italy, wear cool-as-shit headgear (not Venom, but paintball masks) and create headbanging, mosh-worthy bangers. Designer Drugs does a great job at keeping the Beetroots-esque tone, but with their own original touch of godliness.


The Bloody Beetroots – Dimmakmmunication

After their recent concert, I have been perpetually reliving my love for the Beetroots over and over again through this track. Intolerable amounts of repetition has been the name of the game for the past 5 days, and my adoration for the boys from venice has never been stronger. This song is the definition of perfection, and I hope it brings you as much joy as it does for me. For a full review of their recent sets in Waterloo & UWO click me.


Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M.

I have been in a conundrum about this song since I heard it. Its J and Kanye so its not unreasonable to expect this song to be sensational, but after I first heard it I was very disappointed. After a couple of subsequent pressings of the repeat button, the song started sounding a little better. My biggest problem is that ever since the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I now snobbishly expect every Kanye track that comes out to be on the same ridiculous level of production. In that sense, this song just doesn’t measure up to its potential, but Ill let you be the judge.


Porter Robinson – The Wildcat (Lazy Rich Remix)

Porter Robinson has done quite a shitload of work over the past year or so of blowing up on to the scene. Starting with “Say My Name” he has nestled up quite a large, permanent space in my head and I doubt he’ll ever leave. The sky is the limit for this prodigy from Carolina and I am looking forward to his live skills next month in the Tdot.

Site Under Construction

12 Jan

As you may have noticed weve been tinkering with the style aspects of our site for the past hour or so. Dont fret, once we get it right the site will look derptastic, so stay tuned.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Wolfgang @ London Music Hall [Tickets]

11 Jan

No need for much explanation here. If you were at the Beetroots you are well aware of how fantasmic the Music Hall is as a venue, and how reatrted the UWO student body are as a crowd. Take the same experience and add Wolfgang Gartner to it, and youve got something pungent. January 19th is going to be an absolute shitshow and tickets are already going fast!


– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Introducing Felipe Tampa [Interview+Music]

11 Jan

Dear Brazilian Electro-House Fans,

It is out goal here at The Worst Guy to find artists and producers from around the globe that share the innate ability of destroying peoples eardrums. Most recently, our efforts have opened us to lesser known electronic music culture that exists in Brazil, one that seems to have a handful of talented producers and DJs. The first one that caught my eye was FTampa, a Electro-House producer from the town of Belo Horizonte. Although he has been musically trained since he was a child, the idea and practice of electronic music production didn’t cross his mind until recently. Within 6 months of learning the essentials, Felipe Tampa released his first EP titled HaHa, which was picked up by Beatport. Since then Felipe has gone on a tear, producing a slew of Electro-House bangers. The most impressive aspect to his story is the people who have been following Felipe’s career closely. Following the success of his latest releases, Felipe has been picked up by Big Fish Recordings; a record label that is currently nurturing the creative talents of Porter Robinson, Lazy Rich, and Zedd.

I have been in contact with Felipe for a couple of months now, and had the pleasure of catching up with him over the break. Heres what he had to say:

TWG: Having never been to brazil I’m extremely curious of what the national music scene is like, I know of the women and the beaches but have no clue about what music has been driving brazilian culture. Who were your musical influences growing up, who are they now, and how have they helped u find your sound?

FT: In my opinion, musical culture in Brazil is kind of poor (our music is extremely good but the population, in its major, don’t care abou our really good music). Most people enjoy music with no meaning. My influences always came out (abroad). I like good music, no matter how it is. I used to play in a rock group, so my influences were the ones wich blended rock with some electronic elements. Nowadays, my influence is totally electronic. I get everything is released. And, of course, I keep in touch with rock, jazz, pop etc.

TWG: Recently I have come across a variety of young Brazilian DJs, like dirtyloud, chrizz luvly and yourself and notice a heavier lean towards electro-house and figit-electro genres in the tracks. I’m wondering what the dj scene is like in brazil and if other genres like dubstep and drum and bass are as accepted?

FT: Electro-house is very well accepted in Brazil. You can realize it by the amount of people becoming DJs over here. Here, it does have space for all genres. But, of course, it’s difficult to get a ‘market share’, anywhere in the whole world (as well), playing Dubstep and Drum and Bass.

TWG: DJs now a days are usually either built on a foundation of classical or instrumental music training or they have studied the hardware and software well enough to produce bankable music, I’m wondering how you got started djing/producing and what equipment do you use?

FT: I started by the end of my last band. When we decided to break I got in mind I’d stop playing. But then… I thought: “Why not DO IT alone… by myself?” – And here I am. I currently produce in Cubase, using Massive, Minimoog and these sinths vsts. Maybe I’ll get an Acces Virus for now.

TWG: What is your favorite song of all time, and what has been the most memorable concert you have either attended or performed at?

FT: The Lazy Rich remix of Weapons of Choice is my favorite electro track. I haven’t had my big memorable concert yet, but I hope to get one this year.

TWG: What are your new years resolutions and what can we expect from you in 2011?

FT: I will work hard to make my music better and better. I hope I can overcome myself in every new song that I create. My expectation is to produce a wide variety of different songs.

TWG: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans both around the world and specifically in Canada?

FT: Thank you for believing in me. I promise I will reward everyone with great songs. Cheers and stay connected! =)

FTampa TITs

FTampa – Who I Am (Original Mix)

Three 6 Mafia Feat. Tiesto, Flo-rida & Sean Kingston – Feel It (FTampa Remix)

FTampa vs. Darth & Vader – LukeSkyTampa (Original Mix)

FTampa – Dirty, Harder, Better (Original Mix) (Preview)


– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Trippy Vibe Tuesdays: Episode 1

11 Jan

Dear Explorers of the Musical Universe,

The philosopher Alan Watts said, “We have untold stacks of recorded music from every age and culture, and the most superb means of playing it. But who actually listens? Maybe a few pot smokers.” Well lucky for you all, I happen to be one of those pot smokers, here to share with you some of my favourite music that I happened to stumble upon over the years. I don’t care when the music was released, how popular it was or what genre it might be, so before venturing into obscurity I’d like to start off with an artist you might be familiar with, David Bowie. In 1997 he released what is quite possibly my favourite electronic album, Earthling, combining elements of industrial, break beats and drum’n’bass. This album will leave your mind blown, and maybe a load or two as well. Choosing just one song off this album was just too difficult a choice and I couldn’t limit myself to just one. The song ‘I’m Afraid of Americans’ was written by bowie in collaboration with legendary composer Brian Eno and the album features a remix of the song from Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor. It’s no wonder he was asked to judge the walk off between Hansel and Zoolander.

Okay, just one more before we move on, this album is just too good!

Alright, that’ll probably be the only artist of of this post that anyone has heard of. I’d like to move on now to talk about the incredible Swiss drummer, Jojo Mayer, a man who, when I saw him at a drum clinic spent a good five minutes trying to convince everybody that he wasn’t a robot. The thing that attracts me to the music of his band Nerve, is that they try to take principles from jazz and apply it to drum’n’bass. It’s not necessarily jazzy music but the idea that two most crucial elements of jazz, improvisation and rhythmic momentum, drive the music into your brain like a high speed car accident. But seriously he’s not a robot.

Jojo Mayer & Nerve – Retox

Jojo Mayer & Nerve – Jabon

While I’m on the topic of Jojo mayer, I though I’d give you a little bit of a music lesson today by showing you this video that breaks down the break beat.

Now back to the music. This next band, Big Gigantic, is a duo that features Jeremy Salken on drums and Dominic Lalli doing the DJing. They’re approach to drum’n’bass and dubstep is unique because not only do they have a ridiculous drummer, but the DJ also plays saxophone. They have been tearing it up in the jam scene opening up for STS9 and playing at the Nateva festival. This cover of Subfocus’s ‘Rock It On’ is sure to make you want rage out.

If you liked that, you can check out the full show at I think I’m just gonna continue with talking about drummers who play d’n’b. Like Johnny Rabb, who used to hold the title of world’s fastest drummer by playing 1071 single strokes in a minute. He performs with his band BioDiesel and they will make you cum a lot faster than they can play (they can play really fast).

The final band that I’m going to share with you guys today, is called Gruvasylum and they come from my home town of Toronto. Led by acclaimed trumpet player Brownman Ali, who is called “Canada’s preeminent trumpet player” by the Village Voice, who has been featured on over 100 albums, was recently in New York laying down tracks for Quincy Jones, and was taught by the great Randy Brecker. My friends and I have gone to see him so many times that he knows us now, and I really can’t say enough good things about him. I’ll talk more about him in the future but for now, check out his band Gruvasylum, a band he considers to be hip hop with a jazz ideology. Something to keep in mind while your listening to this song, it’s 100% improvised, everything from the fantastic freestyling of MC Enlight to the booming bass lines. These guys are some seriously next level musicians. Enjoy and make sure to check out more of his music at!

Brownman & GRUVASYLUM – Gruvasylum Theme

I was talking to Brownman after one of his shows and he told me that he was playing at a festival with his Electryc Trio where Johnny Rabb was also playing. Rabb was absolutely mind-fucked by Brownman’s playing that he actually invited him to come and jam with Biodiesel during their set. So make sure Brownman isn’t a name that you forget, I’ll probably be talking about him in future posts, as he leads six bands.

Well that’s it for my first post, but no worries there will back next week with some more music that you might have missed.

Signed Sincerely, Hooch

P.S. This friday at Tiger Bar, yours truly will be rocking out a few tunes with Daniel Mager and Friends, but be sure to stick around the headlining band, Ninja Funk Orchestra, with their brand of music that mixed drum ‘n’ bass, ska and jazz.

The Bloody Beetroots Destroy UWO & Waterloo [Review+Music+Pics]

10 Jan

My soul has been whisked away, I am but an empty shell, a physical body encasing a dark void. I lay here detached from all sense of time and space, unable to move or speak. – N.H.

I currently am sitting on my living room couch, bloody, bruised, and drenched in sweat. Its around 3:30 am and the most ridiculous night of my life is slowly slipping away, which is made even more painful as I can still hear the concert ringing through my eardrums, constantly reminding me of the insanity that I will never again experience. My original intention for this post was to compare and contrast the 2 bloody beetroots shows I attended this week, but after just witnessing what they did to the crowd at UWO, it would be unjust to Waterloo to do so. There is simply no substitute to seeing a concert in London Ontario, regardless of who’s playing or the venue. So, I will quickly sum up the Waterloo show so we can get to whats important.

I am actually astonished at the promoting power of Beta nightclub. The former Waterloo Stage Theatre has somehow transformed itself, almost overnight, into one of the premier DJ attractions in southwestern Ontario, and all without the help of a liquor licence. Its my hope that they refrain from getting their LLBO, as seeing a show without mounds of sweating idiots on top of you was a nice change of scenery. Beta is big, open and has an epic DJ booth. The sound system is great, but unfortunately during the show they had to turn it down a bit as some By-Law douche came by and gave them a warning. Nonetheless, the event went off without a hitch and the Beetroots played a fantastic set to a crowd that was surprisingly overwhelmed with hot girls (ya apparently there’s a bunch at Laurier, who knew?). The biggest shocker of the evening for me was Conor Cutz, the first opening DJ, who blasted out one of the most well rounded and energetic sets ive ever seen. The fact that I even remember his name with artists like Zeds Dead and The Beetroots following him is impressive enough, but Conor has got some incredible talent behind the decks and I implore all of you to go and see him next time he plays. All in all the concert was a hit, and Nate Black was able to have a nunscunting good time, which is all that really matters.

Ok, with that out of the way, lets get back to the events that just recently unfolded at the London Music Hall. Fortunately for me, my friends were smart enough to pack up the predrink earlier than usual, and we made it to the club before the line started to get out of hand. As we got in, we all made our way to the front of the stage, and cemented our presence in the region for the rest of the evening. The club was still somewhat void of numbers as John Roman was halfway through his set, but to tell you the truth it really didn’t matter. John is an extremely talented producer and DJ, and his hometown crowd was more than happy to show him the support that he deserves. John set the tone early, playing a lot of underground dance bangers that tore people away from mingling near the bar and drove them onto the dance floor. After he was done laying the foundation, he passed the headphones over to Gingy, one half of the up and coming DJ duo consisting of him and Bordello. The only track I had previously heard by them, was their recent banger Vaporizer, which I was happy to hear Gingy drop tonight. Im not sure if the crowds energy was already high thanks to John’s set, or due to the thought of the Beetorots coming on soon, but regardless the place was fucking electric for the entirety of Gingy’s presence. As his set drifted to the 1 am mark, you could tell people were starting to get figity, but thankfully 5 minutes later the lights began to dim, and the crowd began to piss itself.

The first half of the set was doused in relentless blind energy. The venom masked italians blasted out a bunch of relatively unknown italian and french electro tracks for close to the first half an hour. It was the crowd’s reaction to these initial anonymous tracks is what separates UWO from every other concert scene Canada. Every drop was met with the same consistent level of reaction from the crowd, separating their hit songs of course, which were met with the raising of hell (but well get to that in more detail in a sec). They then paid omage to Boys Noize, by blasting Lemonade and Yeah, two songs that the crowd welcomed with open arms. The opening hour was then extinguished with two flavourful Congorock tracks; a young DJ who has worked under the watchful eye of Sir Cornelius himself. The crowd erupted in furious ecstasy and all rejoiced. Sunrise, sunset, hour one.

Since I have not been provided a set list from the evening, to try and chronologically map the remaining madness of the Beetroot’s 2 hour muck fest would be damn right impossible. Therefore, im going to give you an account of what was going on during the most memorable tracks they threw down during the second hour, from what I can currently piece together.

The Bloody Beetroots – Dimmakmmunication

Dimmak has to be mentioned first, as the euphoria I experienced when it was playing is the most prominent thing currently molesting my thoughts. The expression of negative emotion is somewhat impossible during this song and watching the entire room completely dismantle when it was dropped is something I will not soon forget. Dimmak was the track that opened me to the electronic music world, and has thereby catalyzed all my efforts towards sharing such music with you. It was first played to me by New Kind Of Naked, one of my closest friends, and it was a pleasure to throw down to it alongside him live and in the presence of The Beetroots. For the last half a minute of this song, I watched someone repeatedly smash his head into the stage as hard as possible, then climb up and dive offstage into a mess of sweaty happy people.

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 7.7

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977

Yes, thats right, they played the entire warp trifecta tonight and it was a spectacle of absurdity. First they dropped 7.7, which had the crowd going buck wild from the first note. Its amazing to be a part of a crowd where the majority can identify the DJs tracks immediately as they are mixed in, and unfortunately it happens all too rarely now a days. The second the energy level started to drop, Rifo kicked in some woop woop and unleashed hell. Feeling the floor bounce from pressure during 1.9 was more powerful than the bass in the subwoofers, as the mosh pit became one giant mess. If that wasn’t enough, they chose Daft Punk’s “One More Time” as the one outside track to link the last 2 Warps. Being with all my friends in a club setting, with Daft Punk being blasted at full volume was a dream come true, and I think every other person with me was thinking the same thing. Mr. Bangalter, on the slim chance that you are reading this, for the love of fuck please come to London! Anyways, 2 down 1 to go and leave it to the beetroots to pull out all the stops for 1977, the warp that sits closest to their hearts. Everyone knew it was coming the moment Rifo grabbed the mic and hopped on top of the booth. With fists clenched and bruised vocal chords, the crowd and Rifo were joined in a tag-teamed screaming match that almost tore the roof off of music hall. To top it all off, they transitioned the final Warp into Shout! and flicked the mood in the room from evil to bar mitzvah, marking one of the most ridiculous emotional 180s ive ever seen a large group of people go through.

The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Refused – New Noise

At the end of the concert when most were panting for air and struggling to stay on their feet, the boys decided to pop this track on and everyone was forced to dip into the reserve energy they had stashed for the walk home. From the moment the opening guitar line rolled in till the track ended, Tommy Tea was jumping and everyone was jumping with him. All I remember is screaming the lyrics of the song at the top of my lungs to any person who was standing around me, only to have them screaming them even harder back.

The Bloody Beetroots – Cornelius

The 3 minutes of Cornelius marked the peak in the performance, and ironically was also played right at the halfway point. Everyone was in a  perpetual state of insanity, including the usually reserved promoters and people in the VIP section on stage. I was lucky enough to be perched on the end of the stage with a clear view of the crowd and the stage, a vantage point that allowed me to see all the insanity unfold. It was an incredible sight watching 3 of my best friends leap off stage, over my head and into a sea of rage. For the entire 3 minutes that Cornelius was blasting, the crowd was showered in champagne and glory.

Im amazed that I was able to remember this much about the concert and that Im still coherent enough to write about it. My friends who attended the show with me are currently littered all over the floor of my apartment, each of them succumbing to the snooze button almost immediately after walking thru the door. I sit alone now, at the computer, with only thoughts and memories of a ridiculous night that will never again be repeated. The Beetroots have been my favourite DJs for as long as I have been listening to their music, and without them, my life today would be a shadow of its current self.

I love the Bloody Beetroots.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

P.S. here is a make-shift setlist from the evening compiled by my well-hung buddy Brandon. Its not in any particular order nor is it 100% accurate, but its as close as it gets!

Benny Benassi – House Music
Autoerotique – Bubonic
Boys Noize – Yeah
TV Rock – I Am Techno
Steve Angello – Rave N’ Roll
Congorock – Babylon (Steve Angello Remix)
Bart B More – Brap
Boys Noize + Erol Alkan – Lemonade
Daft Punk – One More Time
Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Possibly the Alex Metric Remix???)
The Whip – Muzzle No. 1 (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
The Aston Shuffle (feat. Tommie Sunshine) – Stomp Yo Shoes (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL (feat. Boy George) – Somebody To Love Me (Congorock Remix)
Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Afrojack ‘Meat’ Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 7.7
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1977
The Bloody Beetroots – Dimmakmmunication
The Bloody Beetroots (feat. Refused) – New Noise
The Bloody Beetroots – Cornelius
The Isley Brothers – Shout!

Top TITs of 2010 Part II: Top 20 Electro

7 Jan

To the countless in attendance and the millions watching at home…Ladies & Gentleman…LLLLLETS GET READY TO FIST PUMP!!!

As Dylan has been quoted since he said it, “…the times they are a changing” and his words are as true today within the modern EDM scene as they were during the folk and progressive rock eras of the late 60s. 2010 saw the success of Crookers, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki & other prevalent 2009 DJs become diluted amidst the flood of international musical talent that has busted its way into iTunes libraries and local clubs from LA to Singapore. As the underground music community blossomed, thanks in large part to modern technology, the sources of incredible sounding electronic music grew exponentially, and artists became international sensations almost over night. The days of being spoon fed a handful of decent musicians by major record labels is over, and normal people everywhere have earned their right to be famous by working hard and having innovative musical talents. As Rolling Stone puts it, “DJs are the new rockstars,” and the world of live music has been forever altered from their incredible impact. Looking forward to 2011, a year that will undoubtedly be another huge leap forward for the global music industry.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

(Remember children, to download a track just right click it and press “save link as”)



Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Animal Rights

If you are shocked that this song is number one, kindly remove yourself from my site right meowingtons. Fuck what the chinese calendar says, 2010 was the year of the Wolfmau5, not the tiger. Im pretty sure that if Deadmau5′s music was able to transmit aids, the collective global youth would be dead by now. By witnessing him play live 5 times this year, the fifth time being exactly a year from the first, I was lucky enough to witness first hand the reasons why Joel Zimmerman has a commanding strangle hold over EDM community’s nipples. His endless knowledge and passion for the tech aspects drive him to remain that much more innovative than his opposition, both in the studio and on stage.

O ya, almost forgot about Wolfgang Gartner, a man that has been producing electronic music for so long that hes beginning to mirror yoda, in both skill status and physical looks. From the day that Joey Youngman became known as Wolfgang Gartner, the music scene became forever altered. His creative patience and overwhelming studio knowledge allow him to conceive bangers that are bursting with synthetic texture and raw power. His figity sampling style has become internationally cherished, and has spawned a new genre of production standards amongst young DJs. I also had the pleasure of seeing him perform live, where his hands did not leave the knobs of his mixer for close to 3 hours.

So, weve got these two retartedly talented DJs and producers, each with their own distinct sound that is currently breaking the necks of countless music fans over the globe, how can life get better?….BY FUSING THEM! Whoever came up with the idea that these two should produce a song together is smarter than einstein. Besides how incredibly absurd the song is as a whole, my favourite part of Animal Rights is the clear distinction you can hear between the aspects of the song produced by Deadmau5 and those produced by Wolfgang. Rather than trying to brainstorm ways to complement each other, they decided to just stick to what each of them does best and put it together. The merger of Wolfgangs microsampled high tones behind Deadmau5s synth-glitched basslines are more in tune that the relationship peanut better shares with jam.

Let us all pray for a Wolfmau5 tour in the near future (alongside Justice & Daft Punk)



Afrojack – Replica

Honestly, I dont even know where to start explaining how much I love Afrojack. The fact that I cant personally thank him for all he has done to ignite my passion for electronic music, pains me every time I listen to his tracks. The signature sound that he has developed for himself is unmatched and can be easily identified within seconds of listening to it from the throbbing erections it produces. If there is one DJ that can erupt a crowd murdered with douchebags and sluts, its the afro man. It was a struggle to pick this song over all his others as the one to post, for adding the others would just fill the list with Afro and not give the rest of the world a chance. After his sets at Ultra, Bonnaroo and almost every other major festival this summer, the world became infatuated with the Dutchman and haven’t lost their zeal since. Look for this mans already incredible reputation, to elevate to a legendary status within the next few years.



Porter Robinson – Say My Name

Its amazing how musically mature Porter Robinsons has become over the course of 2010, given that fact that he just graduated high school. At the ripe age of 18, this North Carolina native has has etched his tracks into the set lists of countless DJs across the globe. He claims that his biggest influence musically is Wolfgang, and it shows. Porters tracks are always heavy hitters that are drenched in original microsamples and bass, and evoke that signature holy fuck feeling after the first decible. Say My Name became an instant anthem after its release, and sits alongside Venga, Less Go! & Im On Fire, in Porters relentless arsenal of electric doom.



Wolfgang Gartner – Illmerica (Original Mix)

From padewon at #3, we now move to jedi master at #4. The incredible evolution of Wolfgang’s music over the entire decade is a testament to the unimaginable depth of studio production skill that he possesses. Wolfgangs talents have allowed him to create some of the most explosive and high tempo’ed music that the world has ever felt, which is even more impressive considering the fact that he has only focused his attention to tech/house production in the last 3 years. When DJ mag released their top 100 DJs of 2010 list, I was shocked to find Wolfgang all the way down at #70, with DJs like Martin Solveig & Paul Oakenfeld light years a head of him in the rankings. It was really shameful to see him placed that low, considering the amount tracks he has made that have donkeypunched Beatports Top Ten charts since 2007. When Illmerica dropped on October 5th, im pretty sure a collective HOLY FUCK was simultaneously shouted and tweeted by every EDM lover on the globe. Since then, I have heard it at almost every live DJ set ive attended to this day, and can honestly say that the reaction of the crowd when it is dropped will never get old.



Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice (Lazy Rich Remix)

One of my favourite up and coming artists of the year would have to be Lazy Rich. 2010 saw the forging of an alliance between Porter Robinson, Spencer & Hill and Lazy Rich; a trinity that is sure to be molesting charts and minds for the next foreseeable future. Each of these three aforementioned DJs have developed a similar montra when producing music, one that leans heavily on extensively complex builds and high energy sampling and basslines. This remix of the hugely popular Weapon of Choice, originally by Fatboy Slim, follows suit and delivers on every tasteful front. Named amongst Beatports top 10 electro tracks of the year, this banger gives the original a facelift from hell by injecting it with a syringe packed with enough awsomesawce to harm a fully grown elk.



Avicii – My Feelings for You

I find it funny that Deadmau5 played multiple times over the year in Toronto and the single Avicii show is the one to make headlines. Tim Berg has definitely come along way from mixing Commodore 64 games in his bedroom 2 years ago, as 2010 saw him working shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, John Dahlback & Tiesto. Upon the release of My Feelings for You, I think its safe to say that most people fell in love with Avicii, and it didn’t hurt that his bootleg of Seek Bromance was retarted either. As for everyone like me who new years was ruined, I have no doubt that Mr. Berg & Mr. Morrison will deliver us the redemption that we deserve.



Swedish House Mafia – One (Congorock Remix)

Im pretty sure this picture speaks much more profoundly than anything I can sum up about Congorock’s career as a DJ using words. End of story.



Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello (Sidney Samson Remix)

Its been a fantastic year for the Torontonian trio of Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz & Joel Stouffer, as their band Dragonette has garnered much acclaim over the course of the year. So much so, that they were scouted by the likes of Martin Solveig, Kaskade & Don Diablo for collaborative help, with each resulting track being just as yummy as the next. Hello, in my opinion, was THE most addictive electro song of the year and gained extreme popularity following the huge remixes that were released by Sidney Samson, Michael Woods & Dada Life. Each version of the track is unreal, but I chose to post the Sidney Samson remix as it gave me the most triumphant boner out of the 3.



Skrillex – Rock N’ Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)

Ive you have been a die hard Worst Guy follower, you must already be well versed in the overt respect and adoration that this site has for Sonny Moore. 2010 has seen Skrillex emerge into superstardom almost overnight, as he was signed to Mau5trap records, opened for Deadmau5 on his tour and conquer almost every spot on Beatports Top Ten following the release of his Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP. The beauty of his production style is that it cannot be defined to one singular genre label. Rock N Roll is a clusterfuck of noise, that incorporates various elements of Dubstep, Electro, Glitch and House production into 4 minutes and 44 seconds of sheer bliss.



Alex Metric vs. Steve Angello – Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)

This first time I heard this gem was a few months ago at Electric Zoo; a DJ powered music festival centered at Randall’s Island in New York. It was the first morning and I arrived at the festival completely alone. Unsure of my surroundings I decided to grab a couple of bottles of Bud light to keep me company. 10 minutes later I found myself in the middle of a mid day set powered by the international sensation Gareth Emery, a man known for his exceptionally well rounded sets. As the he dropped Open Your Eyes, I was honestly so overwhelmed with euphoria that I turned to the stranger next to me and told him that I hope this is what it sounds like when I enter heaven. He looked over at me and immediately started laughing, yelling to me that he had been thinking the exact same thing. He introduced me to his friends, who had joined him in coming up all the way from Miami, and we all proceeded to go insane for the entirety of this fantastic song, and the rest of the sets I joined them for that day. The rest of the indescribable insanity I experienced that weekend will forever be attributed to the production magic of Alex Metric & Steve Angello.



Clockwork – Airflow (Valerna Remix)

Valerna hit an absolute home run with this track. The snare line build that drives the intro of the track into the first drop is unreal, and sets the tone for the remaining 5 minutes of a track that is overflowing in energy and noise. If you are a little saucy and need a song to just fucking give’r to, this is definitely the one to blast.



Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Lemonade

For all of you out there who have yet to see the German phenom known as Boys Noize spin live, amend this, for failure to do so will result in a major void in your life experience. To put it bluntly, Alexander Ridha is unstoppable. Since establishing his record label in 2005, Boys Noize has cemented his reputation as an elite producer and DJ in the minds of countless fans across the globe. Lemonade, a collaboration track released by him and Erol Alkan at WMC in Miami earlier this year, took the EDM world by storm. That distorted synth line became one of the most recognizable sounds of the year and has been catalyzing dance floors and festivals everywhere since its initial drop.



Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi – Symphonies (Dada Life Remix)

I dont think I will ever forget the first time I dropped this track. It was around late february of last year, and I had just started DJing at a local club in Jerusalem with a friend of mine. I had downloaded a bunch of Dada Life songs that week and hadn’t really had a chance to listen to them thoroughly enough to appreciate them yet. I was about half way through my set on a warm wednesday night when a cute girl came to the booth and requested that I play Symphonies by Dan Black & Kid Cudi. Naturally I obliged, seeing as both her and the request were a welcome change from all the fat stupid bitches that had been hollering at me to play Lady Gaga the entire night. By accident, I put on the Dada life remix and once I realized my mistake the song had already started and it was too late to switch. The crowd and I shared the same blind anticipation as the song began to build, and thankfully, as the beat dropped everyone erupted into a fit of ludicrous rage. Watching the club get showered in alcohol and limbs over the duration that this track was playing, was one of the single greatest moments of my life.



Spencer & Hill – Dub Disco (Lucky Date Remix)

I think ive already talked enough about Spencer & Hill, a production team that sits neck and neck with the likes of Porter, Skrillex, Avicii & Lazy Rich as the rookies of the year for 2010. This remix of Dub Disco by Lucky Date is obscene, and made me foam at the mouth the first time I heard it. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your in a Lambo, racing Michael Schumacher to the fountain of youth, you should prob pop this track on during the homestretch.



Chrizz Luvly – Moving Up (Original Mix)

Huge douche + fantastic music = Chrizz Luvly.



Devin Martin – Zombie Robot

In my eyes, Devin Martin is currently one of the most talented unknown artists in the EDM scene. What this guy has been able to produce from his bedroom in Orlando is simply breathtaking. Zombie Robot has the feel of a track that has been carefully collaborated by veteran production hands, as it is drenched in originality and texture. There are few producers than can properly evoke an eerie zombie feeling so well through an electro track, and have it pop and dismantle eardrums as well as it does. I cant wait to interview Devin and pick his mind, so that we can all understand what the fuck is going on in Florida that we dont know about.



Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Fare Soldi Remix)

Im guessing most of you are shocked that this song was placed so low on the list. Well, the reason is simply that as big as this song got, it was not the best song of the year. Dont get me wrong, the track is unreal and Duck Sauce are incredibly talented, but the other songs the supersede this one were indeed better than this one, regardless of how much more popular Barbera Streisand is within general society. Also, I found the remixes of this track to more often than not be better than the original, with this one by Fare Soldi doing the original the most justice.



Geht’s Noch? – Body Jack (Original Mix)

Definitely the winner of The Worst Guy’s coveted, “Who The Fuck Are You & Where Did You Come From?” award for 2010. These guys are so unknown that even their name doesn’t make sense. But wow, do they ever know how to put together a sensational track. After hearing the intro the first few times it ran through my playlists I was a bit confused, and more often than not changed the song well before the first build starts to get good. Thankfully at a subsequent pre drink that followed, the song was able to be appreciated in full length, whereby everyone in the room who heard it erupted into furious, drunken wall punching fiesta.



FTampa – Who I Am (Original Mix)

Again, If you are a frequent follower of this website, you will know that I have taken a keen interest into a handfull of DJs and producers to recently emerge from Brazil. So far, the one who has mainly stolen my affection has been Felipe Tampa. I just finished up an interview with the young brazilian Electro-house producer, and will let you get to know him better when I post it later this week. For now, just listen to his track Who I Am, it will explain everything for you in sounds that are easy to understand. Look out for this kid in 2011.



Valerna – Look Ma, No Pants! (Felix Cartal Edit)

Rounding off the top twenty, we have a song that somehow captures what it would sound like if Optomus Prime went down on Megan Fox. I had never followed Felix Cartal that closely, but upon hearing this track I ran to my computer and downloaded anything and everything that had his name on it.

Indubitably Dubstep Vol. VII

6 Jan

To my loyal Dub-Minions,

I have returned from the warmth of the south, kicking and screaming all the way back to the frozen tundra I call my home. It has been a while since I have seen all that strange, flaky white substance falling from the sky, but after one glimpse of the madness approaching Southwestern Ontario over the next few months, I think I made a good decision to get my ass back in that parka. I don’t mind though, seeing how so many DJ’s will be coming to melt the snow [and faces] off everyone with half a brain who bought tickets already. 2011 is really starting off with a bang, as there are loads of albums awaiting to be dropped, like Nero’s new album set to be released in the coming month, as well as a slew of sweat-drenched nights in clubs all over the country.

While cruisin’ the south on vacation these past couple weeks, it became painstakingly apparent to me that clubs would rather play the same old garbage night in and night out, sticking to the same boring Top 40 bullshit that people like Ke$ha, Taio Cruz and Justin Beiber have shat on and called ‘home’. Occasionally I would hear a Deadmau5 track (usually the classic, but overplayed ‘Ghosts N Stuff’) or Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP’s ‘We Speak No Americano’ but beyond that people seem to be stuck in a Billboard coma. At about the 5th rendition of B.E.P’s ‘Dirty Bit’ one night, I decided that enough was enough and ventured over to the DJ booth where I began to plead to the DJ to throw on some Dubstep in order to save his and everyone in the club’s souls. He turned to me and said “I can only play music that will make people wanna dance”. He was wrong on so many levels. For one, there were maybe 10 people on the dancefloor, 6 of which looked like they were just waiting for the YMCA song to come on, the others just casually nodding their heads along to what I think was Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the U.S.A’. Secondly, how could he even think that by throwing on some down right dirty basslines and heavy drum beats would make people do less dancing than what was already going on? Too enraged to argue any further, I stormed out of the club and ran as quickly as I could to my laptop for some much needed Dubstep-medication. For all of you who have gone through the similar pains as I have, I feel for you and urge you to listen to these filthy tracks if you are in need of some serious earhole treatment. Oh, and I DARE you not to dance dirty to these gems.

Signed Sincerely, Dr. Robotnix


Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead – Here Comes The Boom



Calvertron & Figure – Bring The Bass Back (Calvertron Remix)


Feed Me

Feed Me – Cloudburn feat. Tasha Baxter

Feed Me – Blood Red



Skream – Gather Round



Hulk – Run Train


Jack Beats

Diplo & Blaqstarr – Get Off (Jack Beats Remix)



Magnetic Man feat. Katy B – Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix)


Trevor Off Key

Trevor Off Key – Day & Night (The Smokers Refix)



Nero – Me & You (Danger Remix)

Nero – Welcome Reality

Feb 19th = Best Day of 2011

5 Jan

Dear Torontonian Porter Fans,

For all of you who did not head my warning when I originally posted the tickets for Skrillex & Nero @ The Phoenix in Toronto, LISTEN THE FUCK UP. Before it was recently cancelled, Porter Robinson was scheduled to play a concert at a small club in downtown Toronto. I had contacted the club to see why it was cancelled, and was informed that “he is just in too high of a demand right now, and was forced to reschedule.” Well, naively I believed them and was kinda confused, given the overwhelming success that his show had on halloween in Mtl.

Well, I have uncovered the true reason and am very excited to share it with you. The reason why they had to reschedule was because Porters show got too big too fast and that specific venue would not be able to hold the insanity of what a Porter concert in Toronto would inevitably be. As such, they decided to change venues, and place the 17 year old Tar-Heel in the most perfect of settings to accomodate his prowess. Yes people, Porter Robinson will now be joining Skrillex and Nero at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on the evening of February 19th, 2011.

So, as previously mentioned, for those who do not have their tickets yet I offer you a second chance at redemption. With the addition of Porter, I can guarantee that this event will be sold out in no time.


For all of you outside Toronto dont fret, he is also playing a slew of concerts across Canada & The US, including places like Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna & New York. Details for these and his other events can be found here.

Ill see you all on the 19th.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

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