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Pumpkin TITS

31 Oct

Dear Boyles and Goyles,

I am currently watching football and slowly recovering from the weekend, Im assuming most of you are doing the same. My weekend was exhausting, due mostly to Calvin Harris, and as such I wont bother you with my usual onslaught of elaborate puns and euphemisms to recap the concert, as im too tired to think of any and im guessing your too tired to read. In any case I hope you all had fantastic Halloween weekends, I know I did. Ill be capping of this glorious holiday by seeing New Kind of Naked tonight at Martini Bar, followed by John Roman at Diesel, should be a testicle tickling good time.

Alright here are the TITS I command you to fondle this week:

Keeping with the spooky theme of the weekend, I thought id start you guys off with a deep-house track. Maya Jane Coles is a 23 year old producer/DJ from London, England who currently sits atop Beatport’s deep-house chart. She has been producing since she was 15, and it has definitely given her a huge advantage in a mostly male dominated genre. If you are in a state where you dont wanna move or are about to pass out, pop this song on and let it carry you.

Two crucial peices of information on Skrillex:

1) His new Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP is pillaging Beatport’s village, as the tracks currently sit at spots 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,10 and a jizz drizzling 11 on the Top 10 chart. If you have no idea who or what im talking about its time to get the fuck out of whatever hole you live in.

2) If you miss his show at Wrongbar on December 1st, you WILL hate yourself later on in life.

Flux Pavilion is essentially the modern day King Midas, the difference being everything he touches turns to RAGE.

Ive got to give it to LMFAO, as much as you can so easily write them off as being too mainstream, they’re sampling skills and imaginations are endless and more often then not, they really hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, in the end their songs always get overplayed and you see too many dickweeds having to much dickweed related fun and you cant to enjoy them anymore. Hopefully this song wont get dickweed poisoning to quickly, as its a pretty decent song to party to.

This next artists has literally saved my life for the past few nights. If you ever find yourself in bed after a long night of whatever and cant seem to sleep, reach for this or any other Millionyoung song, and you’ll be snoozin in no times.

If you are like me and found that going out and getting sloshed both friday and saturday wasn’t enough, here are some songs to power your predrinks for tonight:

Last but not least we have a taste of things to come from the boys from Paris. The Tron soundtrack is quite possibly the most anticipated album of recent years, as is the remake of the movie. If this track is any indication of what is to come, you best stay near a washroom after purchasing this album.

Let us all bow our heads in prayer, and ask the good lord for a Daft Punk tour in 2011.

Happy Halloween!

– Signed Sincerely The Worst Guy

Lykke Li

28 Oct

Im not sure what sparked it, but lately there has been an influx of exceptionally fantastic female vocalists in the indie, alternative music scene. Its nice to see some actually talented and passionate females performers emerge after almost a decade saturated by the same old Britney/Aguilera/Gaga diarrhea music. Besides the likes of Florence and Adele, I believe that Lykke Li is quickly becoming one of the most innovative and talented female vocalists in the biznatch. But dont take my word for it, rather ask the countless a-list artists she has collaberated with and the dancing plethora of DJs that have used her vocals for sampling and remixes. Her voice is saturated with nostalgia; it makes u feel like your listening to a song produced in 1952. Shes a very unique talent, one to definitely keep your eye on.

A few days ago she released these two new tracks. DOUBLE RAINBOW!!

Heres how Lykke makes electro music sound like yumgasms.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Justin Martin & Ardalan – Mr. Spock

27 Oct

Dear music & mr. spock fans alike,

This is one of the most addictive tech house songs to have coated my ear canals. The sampling Justin Martin & Ardalan used in this track is ripped from Snoop’s “drop it like its hot” and is ridiculously unconventional. It kicks in at about 2 minutes and immediately lodges itself in your head, after which the song pretty much takes over your life as it forces you to put it on repeat and destroy the klingons.

Live long & prosper.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

The TITS Week 5

26 Oct

Dear TITS lovers, this week has been a special treat for the bresticle loving public, as you get a second free helping of nipple bangers to keep a pop in your step in this lowly mid term period. I hope you all get through this period of academic annoyance with the utmost prosperity and sanity. My muse to distract myself in the library lately has been a combination of fantasy sports and the following:

If you have been following my blog then you have already seen the short film Runaway that Kanye recently aired. The one song from the film that caught my ear was “Dark Fantasy,” the one playing at the beginning when Kanye is driving that awesome car. From the looks of it, Kanye has developed a new style yet again, one that is very hit and miss in my opinion. Theres a fine line between innovative and weird, and Kanye likes to flirt with it. With this track, Kanye decides not go too overboard and the result is truly tasty. His use of violins and string instruments complements perfectly with the heavy bass and piano undertones. Definitely one of the best songs on the album in my opinion.

Hip hop is not dead, its evolving. The recent boom of popularity towards the Dub Step genre has been a blessing for rappers and hip hop producers alike, as the production and flow of each genre compliment each other very well. With its heavy bass and low tempos, Dub Step music provides a great platform for freestyle rappers to add a new dimension to their game and fanbase. My prediction is that eventually there will be a heavy separation between rappers who hold true to the old school rap game, and those that are willing to embrace this modern musical revolution. The track below, a collaberation between the heavy dub DJs Zeds Dead and the up and coming rapper Omar LinX, is a perfect testament to dub and hip hops compatability. This track is tasty as sin and I hope that more big names in rap will open their ears and lend their flow to the dub step genre. This could be a start of a beautiful friendship.

This next track was created by HaHaHa, a producer based out of Glasgow. The only term I could think of to define this track is deliciously odd, for it is a combination of some of most mellow acoustic samples with fantastic editing and remixing of Florence’s track “Youv’e Got The Love.” For those that appreciate the direction that skilled indie producers have been taking lately, this song will be a treat. Personally i am biast, as I enjoy almost any song with Florence vocals, but this producer has real talent and I hope to hear more from him soon.

This next track came as a bit of a surprise to me, as it did not sound anything like I thought it would. Erol Alkan remixes usually hold true to his motto to “keep kids dancing,” and are more often than not over banging ragers. This remix of MGMT’s “Congratulations,” is a funky/mellow kinda pick me up song, and is very unlike Erol. However, its nice to see a softer more textured side of the aging London based DJ. I just hope that he hasn’t lost that edge that has kept him consistently popular since his mash up days of the early 2000s.

The other day I had the pleasure of skyping with my wife Raph, who is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen. Recently she visited Amsterdam, where she had the utmost privilege of seeing Afrojack play his first sold out concert in his hometown. From what she described, the prince of pleasure threw down one of his most epic sets to date, but im really not surprised. For all of you who still do not follow Afrojack, you best smarten up, as his fame and musical talents are only getting better.

Here is a song for all of you mainstream lovers. Personally, I dont think this song is that good, but that has no impact on the imminent popularity this song will soon have amongst the fists of countless guidos. The Black Eyed Peas have been able to constantly find the recipe for songs that you hate yourself for singing along to, and I guarantee that after the usual 2 months or so of this songs popularity, it will die faster than Michael Jordan’s career in the MLB.

Im not too sure if it was actually Justice who created this remix, or if some shmo threw Justice’s name on it to gain popularity. Either way whoever made this accomplished a terribly difficult feat; they were able to make a Britney Spears song bangable. Kudos.

Marina and the Diamonds by themselves are quite fantastic, but its nice to see a seasoned remixer like Fred Falke dabble in the indie music scene. This remix isn’t unbelievable, but its an upbeat disco-esque track that is well done and will keep u bopping around when you need a pick-me-up.

Im not sure where Pharell has been lately, but from the sounds of this next remix hes been spending a little time in India. He took the classic stones hit “Sympathy For The Devil” and threw a bunch of sitar and bongo drum samples behind it, which suit Mick’s vocals surprisingly well. If this is any indication of Pharell and the Neptunes new production direction, im very excited to see what they will be churning out next.

What is there left to say about A-trak, aside from how incredibly talented he is. He is one of the few electro DJs left that remains firmly planted in his scratching and hip-hop roots, which allows him to continually create tracks that are unparalleled in terms of originality. He is the shimmering gem of the montreal music scene and will forever be a driving force in the DJ culture. O ya, hes also a Juden!

Lets all pray for a strike!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

The TITS Special Edition: Israeli Knockers

24 Oct


Dear The Worst Guy,

I can truthfully say that you have a sick taste in music, ranging from Cudi to Wolfgang Gartner and everything in between. But, I think you have some work to do as your blog is only a Titty, and not the Tits. By this I am implying that your site is only half complete, hence half the TITS, the Titty.

In identifying your missing Titty, I think you are completely forgetting and neglecting your roots. No more than 4 months ago, you spent an entire half-year in the ‘magical’ land of Israel. While you and I were there, we experienced some of the sickest festivals and concerts from Boombamela to Indigo. The missing Titty therefore, lays dormant in the music that we experienced in that magical land. As we once learned from our genius professor of architecture, Professor Silver, when our senses experience something that measures beyond recognition and orgasmic sensation, it can onlybe described as magical. This magical Israeli electro music is most notably found in theworks of Balkan Beat Box, Hadag Nachash, and the Madboojah Project.

This incredibly luscious missing Titty has even begun gathering acclaim in the diaspora, across several different music scenes. As aforementioned, one of the sickest groups from israel is Balkan Beat Box, as they have literally cum blasted all over the world scene. Their beats simply blow minds and melt imaginations. They build and build and build, and finally send a climatic orgasm through your ears upon each drop. They also are incredibly talented musicians and use the instruments and musical style of the middle east to separate their sound from the mainstream. Upon returning to America, or in your case to America’ s hat, it is crazy to see how much fame the BBB train (Balkan Beat Box) is getting. Their song, “Ramallah to Tel Aviv” made it onto the infamous soundtrack of the best selling international game of the year, FIFA 10. As well, their song “Bulgarian Chicks” is now the new commercial and introduction for the hit show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. No joke, this band is whole heartedly the TITS.

Because it is impossible to discuss every BBB song, or every song from the other groups I mentioned, you just need to take my word for it. If there is enough demand, I will for sure write another response and discuss some others.

Here are some of my fav BBB tracks, as well as the commercial for It’s Always Sunny, featuring BBB.

Balkan Beat Box – Hermetico

Balkan Beat Box – Ramallah Tel Aviv (FI FA 10 Soundtrack)

Season 6 Trailers: I t’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

So with that, I leave you. I hope you don’t forget your roots and learn to reclaim this magical music as inspiration.

“Is your name really the worst guy ever?”

Fuck the Leafs, GO DEVILS.


– Signed Sincerely, Anonymous

Awsomesawce Approved Israeli TITS

Kanye’s Film Runaway = ?!

24 Oct

I dont think I have ever been both confused and satisfied all at the same time. The final exam in my philosophy of emotions class this semester, should be to describe the variety of emotions you feel while sitting through this half an hour audiovisual enigma.

Never have I seen such a short movie completely filled with total random symbolism, accompanied by uniquely brilliant music. Kanye is lucky hes a fantastic producer, cause if the soundtrack for his upcoming album wasn’t the background of this film, I really dont think the cinematography would have popped as well as it did. But thats the beauty of Kanye directing the film and producing the soundtrack; his unique style in each media compliments each other in a way that only Yeezy can understand.

Thankfully, the rest of us only have the job of sitting back and appreciating the film without needing to try and understand what the fuck is going on in Kanyes head. He’s definitly got some interesting skills behind the camera, and hopefully this will be a first of many films from the Louis Vitton Don.

P.S. naked peacock girl is super hot!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Rager Countdown: 18 days. 13 hours. 45 minutes. 33 seconds.

23 Oct

Dear Fellow Cudi Fanatics,

Our long long wait for Man On the Moon II is coming close to its wonderful end. With 18 painstaking days remaining until the album’s scheduled release, Cudi has shown his mercy by blessing us with the entire tracklist of the album, and what looks to be the album cover.

The album is a seamen spewing 17 tracks long, divided into 5 seperate acts, all dotted with additional talent; from Kanye, to Mary J., to Cee Lo Green.  I was honestly a bit skeptical earlier on, as some of the songs he was releasing were kinda iffy sounding and I began to think that he had leaked most of the songs on the album too quickly. Thankfully, the more I listened to the songs, the more I loved them and realized how much additional depth Cudi has now added to his musical repertoire. Also, we now have a shit ton of unreleased songs to look forward to on November 9th.

Without further adieu…the tracklist:

Act 1: The World I Am Ruling

1. Scott Mescudi Vs. The World feat. Cee-Lo (Prod: Emile)
2. REVOFEV (Prod: Plain Pat)

Act 2: A Stronger Trip

3. Don’t Play This Song feat. Mary J. Blige (Prod: Emile)
4. We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up) (Prod: Emile)
5. Marijuana (Prod: Dot Da Genius)
6. Mojo So Dope (Prod: Emile)

Act 3: Party On

7. Ashin’ Kusher (Prod: Chuck English)
8. Erase Me feat. Kanye West (Prod: Jim Jonsin)
9. Wild’n Cuz Im Young (Prod: Plain Pat)
10. The Mood (Prod: Emile)

Act 4: The Transformation

11. MANIAC feat. Cage & St. Vincent (Prod: Anthony Killhoffer)
12. Mr. Rager (Prod: Emile)
13. These Worries feat. Mary J. Blige (Prod: Emile)
14. The End feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray (Prod: Blended Babies)

Act 5: You Live & You Learn

15. All Along (Prod: Emile)
16. GHOST! (Prod: Emile)
17. Trapped In My Mind (Prod: Dot Da Genius)

Gentlemen, start your bowl rips.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Kids These Days…..

21 Oct

Dear Porter Robinson,

Im just wondering if you know who your true father is, cause from what you have been releasing lately musically, you should prob investigate if Wolfgang ever doinked your mom. Each song you have fathered since Say My Name has somehow been more fantastical than the one before it. Somehow at the pube-less age of 18, you have managed to find your own unique sound, one that currently sits atop of Beatport’s Electro House charts.

Your songs bang so much harder than most other seasoned DJs in your genre, and its honestly shocking when you think about how little exposure you have. This is your time my friend, so start touring hard and get your name out there. Were all waiting very patiently in London Ontario, if your reading this I can guarantee you a sold out show and a fucking epic time.

Im am greatly looking forward to you mucking my eardrums for years to come.

– Signed Sincerely The Worst Guy

Porter Robinson TITs

Porter Robinson and Lazy Rich feat. Sue Cho – Hello

An Hour of Mayhem with The Death Crew Part II: Left Side

20 Oct

Whattup ‘lectro-heads of the Internet, it is without further adieu that I present to you my inaugural post. Before I begin I would like to throw a big shout out to the Worst Guy himself for breaking character and allowing me to write for his blog.

With that out of the way, I can finally start to revisualize the amazing night which was Sunday October 17th 2010 on the left side of the stage, and like they say in Remember The Titans, strong side — LEFT SIDE! Like Spiro said in the first part of this two-sided review, the show was only an hour, but even with the short set I had my face melted off, body ripped apart, and mind disintegrated. The power source: two men in luchador masks accompanied by their band of hard rockers.

The beginning of the Beetroots set was shared by all of us who came together, and we all witnessed the most remarkable opening to any show played at The Guvernment. The crowd at first seemed a tad star-struck at the fact they were watching one of the biggest names in electronic music, but as soon as the track switched to “Dimmakmunication” a monstrous wave of energy hit the crowd (probably residing originally in Bob Rifo’s electric guitar) and it started to turn every person in the crowd from age 11-50 into a hardcore moshing freak. And due to me residing in that demographic, I allowed my freak side to join in on the moshing bonanza (the last time I was at a concert with a pit was when Swedish progressive-metal band Opeth cam to London. There’s a bit of a different mosh style at Opeth though). It was just too contagious, however I got separated from the rest of the crew and ended up right in the heart of the pit for a solid third of the show.

At first the music had total control of my concentration, as my eyes gazed quickly between DJ Tommy, Bob Rifo, their incredibly angry drummer (apparently the drum set had upset him earlier, based on the furiousness of his drumming) and the screamer they had come on for a couple tracks. The overwhelming amount of underage sweat dripping from everyone around me starting to take effect on my enjoyment of the music, so I shoved my way out of the pit to find Jeffstar rockin out by the speakers. There we stayed, bangin our heads to basically every single Beetroot classic, from ‘Fucked From Above 1985’ to their ‘Pistols and Hearts’ remix, sometimes with our iPhones held high, but mostly with our fists raging. Rifo would hover over about a foot away from us just yelling into his mic, and during all three versions of Warp I could vividly see saliva spray all over his mic, and sometimes on the audience, but I’m sure they didn’t mind.

After the show, meeting up with the rest of the gang and sharing our experiences for a solid three hours while Jeffstar entertained us with his skateboarding skills, was the icing on the cake of one unforgettable night.



EST – (Extra Special Treats)

Because this is my first post, I’ve decided to drop some of my favourite treats I’m listening to right now.

Bassnectar – Wildstyle Method (feat. 40 Love) (Download Link)

Fucked From Above 1985 – The Bloody Beetroots

Mikey B. – The Nemesis (just in time for Halloween!)

Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii’s Arena Mix)


20 Oct

Dear Skrillex Fans,

The tickets for Skrillex’s concert at Wrongbar on December 1st are now on sale. I know that it is still very early but if I learned anything from missing Rusko at the Opera House last weekend, it’s that Toronto is full of people who love to see fantastic DJs live. Wrongbar is a small venue and as such the concert will be both unreal and sold out very quickly. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the best up and coming DJs in a small venue like Wrongbar, and at $15, you cant say no.


Get’r Doneeeeeeeeeeeeskies

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

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