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Dub Bob Rays

30 Sep

Dear Zeds Dead Fans,

Zed will be spinning tonight at Jim Bob Rays in good ol’ London Ontario. For some strange reason this great DJ duo has taken a liking to our fair city, as they will also be returning for another show on October 28th at JBRs again. They are also going to be spinning at Wrongbar in Toronto in November 3rd, and they are bringing Borgore with them, which is a MUST SEE concert in my freckled opinion. I highly suggest to all UWO students who love, or have not experienced a solid Dubstep DJ, to peace whatever bar you have decided to attend tonight and stumble ur way over to JBRs, for this should be quite the banging night.

See you there tonight,

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Zeds Dead Bangers

Wrongbar is in for some BANG!!

29 Sep

Dear Skrillex Fans,

My reporter in the field Jason Brundibar has just informed me that Skrillex himself will be throwing down at Wrongbar in Toronto on December first. For all of you that are instantly shitting your pants, yes i know, the concert gods are indeed smiling on us today. For all of you who are not as excited by this, I HIGHLY suggest you pay the minimal ticket fee and come down to see him. Mark my words, this kid is the real deal and the future of electro music, and after he melts your face you’ll be able to proclaim yourself as one of the proud few who was able to see him at a small venue (which is ALWAYS better).

Dear House Music Fans,

Alex Metric will be gracing the city of Toronto with his house-some presence this fall, when he throws down at Wrongbar on October 23rd. This is a gem of a concert as Alex is a very highly respected house DJ in the UK and most of Europe. He has worked with the likes of Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia, and has many remixes that have reached #1 status on Hype Machine. He is a well seasoned DJ and producer and this is a golden opportunity to see him at a small venue.

To any of my friends in London, I will be driving in for both these concerts regardless of exams, so if you need a ride give me a shout. Except Sam.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Skrillex & Alex Metric Bangers:

My DJ Hero

28 Sep

i dont understand why cats are so damn funny, it really doesn’t make any logical sense.

The TITS Week 2

27 Sep

Dear my music loving friends,

For some reason im currently watching the fatass from man vs food punish himself by trying to eat a 6 tier grilled cheese sandwich, and I cant even enjoy it, because the only thoughts that have been ravaging my head lately are those of being surrounded by all my best friends, in the presence of the MAU5, in less than a week. For all those attending tentparty at UWO this weekend, I can proudly say that you are in for the most ridiculous night of your lives, except the retards who dont actually know who deadmau5 is and bought tickets just so they could brag to their asswipe friends that they went to see the famous dead-mau-five. Those posers can eat my taint. But I will continue on this note next week when I post my review of the night, if i survive it.

Anyhoo, I have been spending most of my time this week trying to keep up with my readings so I wasn’t able to find the volume of songs i recently showcased on last week’s TITS. However, thanks again to Joshua Ignacio, I have rounded up enough bangers to appease you synth rabid people.

This week there were 2 artists who definitely stuck out above the rest. The first being the mau5 himself. Joel Zimmerman emerged from the desolate pits this week to bless us with some of his new yum yums. He also is showing us his slow expansion into the dubstep genre, which makes me extremely happy in pants. The second artists have one of the more retarted names in the DJ biz, but they’re sound is luckily more retarted. They are named Boemklatsch, and they’re music makes as much structural sense as carrot tops face. However, the result of this musical disfigurement gives you songs that just make u feel a range of emotions and energies. They switch tempos on a dime, bring in builds out of nowhere, switch genres half way through songs, and use a flurry of different effects. But the result is tasty and unlike anything you’ve ever heard

Deadmau5’s TITS

Boemklatsch’s TITS

  • Dem Slackers – Working Title (Boemklatsch Remix)

  • Mighty Fools – Juno (Boemklatsch Remix)

Other TITs of note this week come from our usual suspects, and as per usual, they are absolutely obscene. Id like to personally thank Poter Robinson for making that fucking Americano song enjoyable.

  • Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano (Porter Robinson Bootleg)
  • Steve Angello & Alex Metric – Open Your Eyes
  • The Bloody Beetroots – New Noise (Haydn Hoffman Remix)

Hope you enjoyed the tracks,

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Bawce Sawce

26 Sep

Dear my adoring fans,

It is I, the Awsome amongst the Sawce, and I am sitting currently on my comfy couch in apartment 911 at 520 talbawse steet. Earlier tonight I watched one of the greatest UFC fights ever to been mashed out in the octagon. Somehow, Evan Dunham was able to RUCKIS Sean Sherk after getting a ridiculously gaping cut in his right eye. Bloodied up like an animal, he was able to manhandle Sherk until he somehow lost to a garbage judges decision.

But I digress….

Upon returning home from witnessing sed fights I was jacked up enough to grab my mixtrack and work on some songs. After 5 hours this is what i gave musical abortion to.

Enjoy my slimy rejected children.

– Signed Salaciously, Awsomesawce

Awsomesawce – A City In Streisand

Awsomesawce – Daynaz

The TITS, Week 1

20 Sep


Dear my music hungry friends,

This segment of the blog shall be a roundup of songs that I have heard over the week that are, plain and simply, the TITS. The songs that are so good that they make u beat your head in public, even when your not listening to them, making you look like an absolute crack addict. But hey, who gives a fuck right? Songs now a days are too damn good to ignore and this is why I love to discover them. This weeks rendition of the TITS gives us a wide range of artists, producing very different kinds of music, united only by their abilities to fuck your eardrums.

Lets start this week’s TITS off right, with the Louis Vitton Don. Kanye has been very busy as of late, releasing a track almost weekly for the past month. If that wasn’t enough, he gave us an extremely fucked up and kind of confusing performance at the VMAs (the ballet dancers were tripping me out a lil bit). But nonetheless Yeezy has reminded us yet again that he is, and forever will be, the most versatile producer in hip hop, period. His new direction in terms of his beats is a simpler one; he refines his use of digital effects back to classical instrumentals and takes it easy on the synth, but the result is sublime as it carries the listener while raising the impact of the vocals. He delights us further by bringing in some of the best and most talented rappers and vocalists from his bbm list; Cudi, Common, Mos Def, Jigga, Swizz Beats, and so on. As for his ego, as long as he continues producing music this sick, I could give two fucks.

Kanye’s TITS

Bonus Track: A tasty Kanye x Buena Vista Social Club Mashup

Lets move past Kanye to a few artists who, in my opinion, are pushing the frontiers electronic and dubstep music with ridiculous force. However, the TITS im about to show you are not for the faint of heart, or for people who value their eardums. The best part about these artists is that they all came out of absolute nowhere. Id like to thank Josh Nightingale for showing me 2 of these artists, and Jason Jubilani for showing me the last.

The Future of Dubstep: Borgore. Over the past ten years, all those hairy yids dwelling in the land of Israel have been on vacation to Thailand and India a little too much. As a result, the country has been infested with electronic, house, techno and psych/trance FIENDS. In recent years, Israel has been developing innovative experimental electronic musicians such as Bloke, focusing on glitch, IDM and complex experimental sounds and patterns. The Israeli Dubstep artists Borgore, on the other hand, has a very demented approach. His intros are usually soft and pleasant, for a good while, then out of nowhere he decides to jam a screwdriver full of noise straight into your skull. I was honestly exhausted after listening to his new 5 track EP, “Borgore ruined Dubstep.” But if you are in the mood to be beaten in the head with ridiculousness, then this is the man for you.

Borgore’s TITS

This next artist is the most absurd 18 year old producer I have ever heard. His name is Porter Robinson, and hes from North Carolina. This little pisher has been producing since the age of 13, and it shows in his talent. The first thing that came to my head when I heard his chart topper “Say My Name,” was Afrojack/Wolfgang cluster fuck, but its so much more complex than that. The song is so popular it reached #1 status on Beatport, a feat that is EXTREMELY difficult to achieve. Hes a damn teenager and already his synths are complex, his drops are raging and his builds are slow and by the book. If this is what this kid is making now, by the time hes old enough to drink he will never have to pay for a drop.

Porter Robinson’s TITS

Last but certainly not least we have the Scremo turned DJ phenom, Skrillex. It was only two years ago that Sonny Moore, the screamer/front man from the LA based hardcore band “From First to Last,” decided to leave the band to start a solo career as a DJ. Wow, did he ever make the right fucking decision. Somehow this kid learnt how to make a drop sound like two robots screaming and kicking the shit out of each other. From the moment I heard the first drop in “Weekends!!!,” my face was never the same. His music actually makes you take your headphones off, in order to try and comprehend what the fuck it is that you are listening to. Fortunately after you put your headphones back on, you stop thinking and just accept the fact that many of your brain cells are being sacrificed for what can only be described as electronic rape music. I have yet to meet someone that isn’t blown away the first time they hear a track of his. Hopefully he has the same effect on you.

Skrillex’s TITS

Other fantastic TITS from this week:

Hopefully some of you readers are able to find amongst this mess a few songs that you have not heard before and that you enjoy!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

The Curse of the Hooded BANG

19 Sep

Before this post I would just like to wish all my Jewish readers a Shana Tovah and hope that each of you had a meaningful and an easy fast. For me, the fast was spent lying in bed with a cold with the only one person keeping me company and keeping my thoughts off my stomach, that man is Afrojack.

Dear Afrojack,

Before I get into you and the ridiculous music that is created deep within your loins, I would like to thank you for the experiences I have had at each of your shows. Like Bassnectar, I have seen you live both at Bonnaroo and at Electric Zoo, with each show having a heavy impact on both my life experience as well as my passion for electro and house music.

After stumbling away from Wale’s set at Bonnaroo after he was 30 min late, my good friend Raph and I rolled our way over to the Lunar Stage. The night was warm, and the stage was bumping with the end of LA Riots set, which was quite satisfactory. Me and Raph fought our way to the front pit just as you emerged from backstage, veiled by your unmistakable hood. From the moment you slipped that stitched cotton off your head, the mood somehow changed. People were beginning to flock, rave girls were emerging from the shadows and glow sticks were being lit everywhere, as well as countless joints. Before this I had been a “fan” of your music, as most people are “fans” of electro music; the stage before you begin looking past the energy and noise to understand all the small details that make it the best music in the world. I had known that your music was great, but knew nothing of your live show or even of your physical appearance. Thankfully once you removed your hood, and that smiling latino/dutch chris brown face was hit by the spotlight, my love for you and electro music really started to make sense.

For over an hour you had thousands of people just absolutely lost in music and lights. The crowds energy was overwhelming; from crowd surfing, to glow stick parachute tosses, to endless displays of euphoric dancing bliss. But none of this was important, as for every second of that show it felt as if the only people there were you, me and Raph. I listened to every build, every drop, every tempo change, every remix, every beat, so intently it was as if i was expecting you to quiz me on it after the show. Thankfully I had Raph there to keep me grounded, and also to reassure me that everyone else was in the same mindset.

You ended your set that night by debuting your remix of Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo, to a crowd of ears who had yet to ever hear it. Watching everyone around you hear the beginning of a song they’ve never heard, and knowing that its going to be fucking epic is a feeling that will be etched in my nerves for the rest of my life.  After your turntables slowed to a halt and you had banished yourself back to the shadows, you left me and every other electro head in the crowd with the biggest case of musical blue balls in the history of LIFE. By this I mean that me and raph continually went to the silent disco, other tents, and even my car to find other electro music to listen to, but after experiencing your set, every medium was deemed completely unsatisfactory to the point where we actually couldn’t listen to anything else. From that moment on you became the most important DJ in my life, until the next night when Joel Zimmerman gave me a second circumcision, but well save that for another time.

The bottom line is that you have developed a DJ style and performance all your own, a loud yet blissful land filled with snare drum builds, high frequency tones and harmonic vocals. You keep the crowd nice and comfy when needed, while picking them up and fucking kicking them at whim. But most importantly, you always leave the crowd salivating for more, a skill that many seasoned DJs only dream of. The sky is the limit my friend and all your adoring fans will have their fists cocked and loaded for whatever is coming next.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy.

Awsomesawce Approved Bangers

Concert Lovers Rejoice!

18 Sep

Dear music lovers of the Greater Toronto Area,

The months of September through November look to be extremely promising to those who love live music. The array of talent that will be performing live in Toronto in the next coming months spans from world renowned DJs to underground Indie sensations to seasoned vets like Macy Gray & BNL. For others like me who must venture into Toronto from London, it will be a trying and hectic time balancing such amazing concerts with exams and commuting. For those living Downtown and in Thornhill, your in for quite a spectacular few months, musically speaking.

Here are the concerts and shows of note in the next coming months:

Sept. 22 – MIA – Sound Academy

Sept. 25 – Justin Nozuka – Phoenix

Sept. 25 – Simian Mobile Disco – Sound Academy

Sept. 26 – !!! – Lee’s

Sept. 26 – Wiz Khalifa – Opera House***

Sept. 29 – Holy Fuck – Phoenix

Sept. 29 – The XX – Massey Hall***

Oct. 1 – K’NAAN – Kool Haus

Oct. 2 – April Wine – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Oct. 2 – Macy Gray – MOD Club***

Oct. 5 – Temper Trap – Pheonix***

Oct. 8 – Bullet For My Valentine – Sound Academy

Oct. 8 – Hot Hot Heat – MOD Club

Oct. 9 – Miike Snow – Kool Haus***

Oct. 12 – Neon Indian – Lee’s

Oct. 12 – Octopus Project – Wrongbar

Oct. 14 – OK Go – Phoenix

Oct. 14 – The Gorillaz w/ De La Soul & N.E.R.D. – Air Canada Center***

Oct. 15 – Black Label Society – Sound Academy

Oct. 15 – Mayer Hawthorne & The County – Opera House

Oct. 15 – Mike Posner – MOD Club

Oct. 16 – Dr. Dog – MOD Club***

Oct. 16 – RUSKO – Opera House***

Oct. 17 – THE BLOODY BEETROOTS – The Guvernment***

Oct. 19 – Local Natives – MOD Club

Oct. 22 – PHOENIX – Ricoh Coliseum***

Oct. 25 – Two Door Cinema Club – Phoenix***

Oct. 29 – Jack Beats – MOD Club

Oct. 29 – Matt & Kim – Phoenix***

Nov. 3 – Florence & The Machine – Sound Academy***

Nov. 5 – Gord Downie – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Nov. 5 – Morning Benders – MOD Club

Nov. 6 – CROOKERS w/AC Slater – Massey Hall***

Nov. 12 – Michael Franti & Spearhead – Kool Haus

Nov. 13 – Mumford & Sons – Sound Academy

Nov. 26 – The Barenaked Ladies – Massey Hall***

These are all the concerts I could find for now, but as I find more I will be updating this list or making new ones so keep checking back!

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Wolfgang Gartner; The Prince of Pain

16 Sep

Dear Wolfgang,

Id like to start off by saying that since discovering you and your music, my body is slowly but surely beginning to shut down. It really doesn’t matter where i am when your music starts to play, within seconds you have my head banging, my feet shaking and my fist PUMPING. I have had the fortunate grace to witnessing you perform live twice, once in Toronto at MOD club and once at Electric Zoo, and from the endless remixes you kept blasting it seems to me that your flow will be worshipped for years to come. Your technique is perfection, you never seem to release your hands from your mixer. Watching your hands molest every knob and dial is somehow more impressive than the blinding light show behind you, especially since that raping and molesting produces some of the most mind numbing raging music that most have ever heard. My only advice to you, is to go buy yourself a pair of good dj headphones. Those backstreet boy style earpieces you have im sure are amazing, but they dont allow you to hear how fucking loud the crowd actually is while you perform. At the Zoo the crowd was noticing you getting upset that they weren’t loud enough, but that wasn’t the case good sir. Your music had people on the verge of collapsing from everything from overdoses to euphoria, you just couldn’t hear it.

You are a revered synth master, a rage machine and an extremely finely tuned DJ. I humbly submit my eardrums to you, noble prince.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy.

Awsomesawce Approved Bangers:

Fuck you Mel, BASSNECTAR is what women want

15 Sep

Dear Bassnectar,

Since the first decible of synth I put ear to, I have become a slave to your music. From the overwhelming high-pitched tones to the warm basslines, your music has the ability to make anyone lose themselves. Fortunately for you and other males who enjoy your music, the new wave of Bassheads are overwhelmingly HOT GIRLS. Never in my life have I seen so many incredibly beautiful girls go absolutely ape-shit for music as hard as Dubstep. While at Electric Zoo I had the pleasure to chat to some of these beautiful American girls, asking them who they were most excited to see on that warm Sunday evening. Even in the presence of banging artists such as Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Wolfgang Gartner and Major Lazer, all the females wanted was some WARMMM BANGING BASEEEE, and holy fuck did you deliver. Having seen you at Bonnaroo where you made every person in the crowd go on someone elses shoulders because you thought the crowd wasnt tall enough, i can definitely say that you completely out did yourself, as not only were my pants soiled by the end of the night, but the same could be said for every bikini clad 10 that was in the crowd with me. You are a master of your craft good sir and i will be waiting at my computer for all your next songs to come out. So in summation, Mel Gibson now has another reason to GO FUCK HIMSELF.

– Signed Sincerely, The Worst Guy

Awsomesawce Approved Bangers

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